Battle lost

Christmas Day 2015 my husband complained of food and then drink getting ‘stuck’ After a visit to doctor and sent for endoscopy, biopsy, he was diagnosed with oesphogasus cancer. After 8 rounds of chemo had Ivor Lewis op with a view to a cure. The op didn’t go according to plan, complications and 4 ops in 10 days, 6 weeks in intensive care, which left him with no oesophagsus, or stomach and a drop foot. He was on a permanent jeg feed and a stoma bag attached to his neck catching salva. Recovery was long and hard, but his zest for life with what he had, spurred him on. January this year he was given the all clear and we managed to do lots of lovely things with family and friends. Unfortunately after a scan in October revealed IT was back! And now faced palliative care. Yesterday after the fight of his life, my strong , brave, hero and love of my life was taken away. Thinking and sending love to all who are battling this, make every day countx

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  • So sorry to hear that you have lost your husband to this awful disease, my heart goes out to you. There is another star shining in heaven tonight 💕

  • Very sorry to hear that you've lost your husband, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • So so sorry to hear this :-( xxxxxx

  • So sorry to hear you have lost your husband. My Thoughts and prayers are with you x

  • I sorry. I have just found out my mum's is back and is very advanced. She was doing really well until a month ago and has gone so downhill now we are told there's not much time. I feel your pain x

  • So sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you xxx

  • My husband has just had a 10 hour operation for oesophageal cancer & had every thing the dr said could go wrong went wrong! His stomach is now his oesophagegus he got a leak where join is which has finally healed had pneumonia collapsed lung was on life support for 1week then on partial breathing tube where he took a breath then the machine helped him expel the breath had to have drains put in was in intensive care almost a month now in a normal ward but can’t seallow food Asher so he has a long way to go! I am sorry for your loss & Sending love & prayers for you & all your family

  • So sorry to hear your tragic news. Thinking of you and your family x

  • Sorry to hear this news hugs and love to you and your family xx

  • I am sorry to hear this.

  • Sorry to hear,my husband Saverio passed away from esophageal cancer on August 20th 2016.He did everything the drs. told him to(6 weeks radiation,chemo,9 hour operation) and it came back after 3 months aggressively.We were so shocked,and was not prepared for him to pass away.

    Many prayers for you,I joined a griefshare group to help me.

    You see we were married almost 47 years and we were getting ready to retire.He was 63

  • So sorry to read your news. Will hold you in thought throughout the coming days. xx

  • I am so very sorry to hear this Jinx58, our heart goes out to you.

    My husband also battles this disease. Our problems are daily ones and although life is trying and frustrating still, I am grateful I have him. We all live with the fear of it returning, but am glad of the reminder to cherish every day we have together.

    Our thoughts are very much with you and your family at this devastating time.

    Lynn xxx

  • Hi. I am also fearful of it returning. Over 5 years since surgery and chemo. Fingers crossed.

  • I am sorry to hear the battle was lost. You fought the battle together and your husband was blessedto have you by his side. May you in turn be blessed with comfort.

  • So sad.

  • My heart goes out to you, I am sending you my love and wishes xx

  • I am so sorry to hear your sad news.

    I am so glad that you had those months this year to make memories.

    Sending love and hugs.

    AM x

  • So very sorry to hear your sad news. I hope you have lots of happy memories to remember him by.

  • So sorry to hear of you sad loss. Cherish the happy memories and love you shared.


  • I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you and your family. I too am fighting a reoccurrence. Sending love to you too

  • I can't put into words how desperately sorry I am to hear this..... Mostly of course for you and your family.. But also for all the rest including my darling husband.. Still battling. Still keeping hope.. Sending love Deb xxxx

  • So very sorry to hear of your loss xx

  • So so sorry to hear your sad news. What a battle! My husband had IL op nearly 6 years ago but IT has returned and we are told it is not treatable. 2018 isn't going to be a year to look forward to. Loves and hugs to you.xx

  • Can’t imagine what your going through. Sending you a Big Hug.

  • So sorry to hear your sad news x

  • You are in my thoughts and prayers xx

  • Very hard to find words adequate to express my sympathy for your situation. It's a terrible form of cancer and even those of us who have survived it emphasise the "so far" element.

  • I am so sorry. With much love and hugs xxxx

  • Lost my Brother in March. My thoughts are with you and your family xxx

  • I am so very sorry to hear your sad news. Life is just so cruel at times.

  • So sorry to hear this, he had been through so much. This truly is a cruel, evil disease. .......

  • So sorry to hear of your sad news. What a battle your husband fought and to have gone through all the setbacks and continued his zest for life is inspirational. It was great to hear that he received the 'all clear' last January so you could do lots of wonderful things as a family and with friends, but so sad that IT came back and you have lost the love of your life. You have lived life together and loved together and no doubt have beautiful memories which will hopefully overcome the sad ones, now you have to continue to be strong for yourself and your family. Love to youX

  • I salute your courage and strength, your commitment and love in the face of this terrible tragedy . It is a beacon of light to others. What a lucky man he was to have you and what a lovely man to be able to recognise this - I have no doubt of this. I am holding you in my thoughts and hope that the time will come soon when you can reflect on your time together with joy and happiness and with this vile disease no longer intruding on that.

  • Sad storey, So sorry for your loss are thoughts are with you

    At this sad time.j

  • I was so fortunate to overcome this. I am now 5 years post op. and chemo. My thoughts are with you!!

    I still have doubts. Will it return? Fingers crossed.

  • So so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family

  • So sorry to hear of your sad loss ....oh how adversity opportunes the expression of our love for one another



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