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Livid red bruises on arms, poss. side effect

Hi everyone

I started taking 20mg Omeprazole daily in March 2015, shortly before being diagnosed with cancer at the junction of stomach and oesophagus. I had chemo before and after my Ivor Lewis surgery which took place 18 October 2015. I have made a good recovery after having most of the problems associated with this surgery.I also suffer with C.O.P.D and have used steroid inhalers (Symbicort) for many years

I was diagnosed with D.V.T in August 2015, which caused pulmonary embolisms in both lungs, treated by daily anticoagulation injections followed by daily tablets. During the time I was taking anticoagulation drugs I started getting small livid red bruises on my arms after the slightest bump which I put down to the anticoagulant. However I stopped the anticoagulants in June 2016 but have continued to get the livid red bruises on my arms which take about 2 weeks to fade. It would appear that purpera are a side effect of both Omeprazole and Lansoprazole. I wonder if anyone else on Omeprazole has experienced the same side effects. I also take 150mg Rinitidine before bed but this is a relatively new addition.

G.P.s have suggested the cause was long term use of steroids and I have had many blood tests but nothing untoward was found. If it was thinning of the skin through this why would it only effect my arms?

Also I understand that there is a P.P.I. called Pantoprazole does anyone use this P.P.I. and how do you find it. It seems that the majority of folks on this site use either Omeprazole or Lansoprazole is there a reason for clinicians choosing them over the other P.P.I,s available?

I would like to say how supportive I found this site after my Ivor Lewis, it eased my recovery, knowing my problems were "normal"

Kind regards


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Dear Jill,

I have been on 20mg pantoprazole daily for the last four years, without any side effects. I was previously on 20mg omeprazole for a couple of years, but this gave me diarrhoea, which, according to my gastroenterologist, occurs in about 15% of cases. He prescribed pantoprazole. I believe that the reason why omeprazole and lansoprazole are most commonly prescribed is because they are the cheapest, and they work for most people.


Thanks very much for taking the trouble to reply. I see my surgeon for a routine appointment this Thursday I think that I am going to ask to try Pantoprazole. I do suffer with a lot of diarhoea. Have you noticed any side effects from Pantoprazole?


No. As I said in my original reply, I have not suffered any side effects from pantoprazole. My greater concern, which I have mentioned in earlier posts, is that I still occasionally suffer from acid reflux and, therefore, cannot be sure that it is doing me any good.


When they did your Ivor Lewis did they remove your gallbladder ?


Hi Sorry to have taken so long to reply. I wasn't aware of your post. No I still have my gall bladder. I have tried pantoprozol and still got the bruises so went back on the operazole.


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