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Hi I'm new

Hi all,

I suffer from pure o and have done for many many years but didn't know it in the beginning, it was since the birth of my wonderful son that I learnt of this horrible disorder. Thanks to my little boy I have the answers to many questions and anxiety i've suffered over the years. I don't mind admitting its been a real struggle and suffering, it's the most awful thing I've ever experienced and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Unfortunately my pure o thoughts are about the people I love the most in the world including my beautiful son, which makes me feel incredibly guilty and ashamed. Some days I feel like my hearts been ripped out and broken into pieces and my mind feels like it's going to explode. Luckly for me I plucked up the courage to speak to my GP and she got me some wonderful therapy with a lovely lady who helped me so much. So I would erge anyone who is suffering go and ask for help, it takes time and often I still dought myself but I just remember it's an OCD thought an unfortunate symptom of OCD. A piece of advice I'd give anyone who reads this would be listen to your heart that's the true you not whats in your head, your head can get mixed up but your heart stays true. Look into your heart and ask yourself are these thoughts ment do you mean or want them if the answers no then thats real not these OCD thoughts. This is how I think now and I feel like I'm improving all the time.

Hope I've helped some of you.

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hi Roselina,

i totally identify with what you have said, and the nature of it too. I know that it's my heart that counts here as often my mind does not work quite right! It's important to keep remembering that. And more importantly God looks at the heart and He knows the real me even when my mind confuses me, He sees beyond all the crap and so will your true friends and true blood family! Really pleased to read your hopeful story, happy christmas, love me x


Hi Roselina,

Such a lovely post and I am so glad that you have found a therapist that was able to help you.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.




Great to hear that you are getting over this ossessive disorder. U are lucky. I just come to know about my OCD now. My OCD is about doubts on my bf. And as it is something which is hurting my wonderful bf I am not going to step back but to fight against it. Your msg gives me hope of overcoming this unfortunate disorder.

Thanks for writting.

Best wishes.


Hey thanks for your encouraging story, its gave me some hope. xx


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