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Hi, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. My anxiety/ocd has improved some .some days it’s not so good.. something’s been bothering me and I just want to hear someone else thoughts on this. About 3 weeks ago I was at a hospital with my sis, I’m sitting in the waiting room, Ofc my attention is on my phone. A couple mins pass and this guy comes out of nowhere and sits beside me. I think nothing of it and continue on my phone. He then goes on to start talking about himself , like his life story .. I interrupt him like excuse me sir, do I know you ? He goes on to say no but I can tell you’re the type that people are drawn to , like if someone has problems or need guidance, I feel like you could make me a better person… I’m looking at him like what ??? He talks for a couple of more mins that’s when I realized he was a patient from another hospital although he denied it and said he was in rehab..I left the hospital and hr later but that kinda made me question.. because I’ve noticed that even when it comes to meeting new people or even dating it’s like the guys seem to have a lot of issues( I know everyone has then them ) and they end up doing the same thing, telling me their problems , their life , just being completely open without even really knowing me… my question is it possible that s what I attract? This sort of thing has been going on for years , even before I developed anxiety and ocd , but I wonder if I’m the problem??

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