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really aware of my hearing


I've noticed I am really aware of my hearing and I think it's because my current fear is becoming schizophrenic. I am so aware of my hearing I can't sleep. Anyone gone through this or have any tips?

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Having OCD often makes us anxious about our health, and for a lot of us that includes being afraid of going mad. But OCD is not schizophrenia.

Another thing is heightened senses. It makes us notice and give meaning to things that really don't warrant our attention. So noticing your hearing is part of this.

I don't know if any of the following might help. Surrounding oneself with silence is often good for getting off to sleep, but perhaps this just makes you hypersensitive to any sound. Could keeping a radio on at a low volume perhaps help? Playing soothing music?

I too have insomnia so I know how difficult and exhausting lack of sleep can be.

Yeah it’s gotten better since I wrote this post a few days ago, I try to sleep with the tv on or some noise but I’m not as worried about it as I was before I think I learned to not be afraid of it and that being super aware of me hearing wasn’t gonna go away until I realized that I shouldn’t be scared and it’s a really unrealistic fear. Thank you for your response ❤️

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