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Anxiety & OCD ☹️


Hi all hope everyone is well and doing good!

I I’m new to this site & hoping to get a bit help.

I stuffer from anxiety ( mainly health ) also from OCD ( mainly harm & fear )

I wake up every morning with anxiety thinking the worst will happen. My OCD is so bad at the mo that I think I will hurt someone or my self!

My health anxiety isn’t to good I keep getting pains across my chest shoulders & down my arms to the point I think I will have a heat attack! I have been checked over off my doctor and everything is fine!

My doctor also told me if i was having heart attack my pains would not go on for weeks/months ad of knowing now. I also get heart palpitations as well that scare the life out of me. Can someone please tell me this is normal?

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As your doctor told it is not a heart attack and everything fine. So you should not worry about it. Don't think much about it your anxiety and stress will reduce and try to get regular sleep and exercise this will help you with heart palpitation. For OCD you should see to an OCD therapist and try CBT or ERP Therapy.

Hi I’m on waiting list to see an OCD therapist and for CBT so hopefully not to long.

This is totally normal! I thought I was having a heart attack for 4 years because of the same pains but it is just your OCD and Anxiety making you get these pains in a way. It’s crazy how the mind works! You won’t harm others or yourself because you have the empathetic part in your brain that sychopaths don’t hense why they harm. OCD and Anxiety find your biggest fears which to most people is harm and makes you think you will do something or just snap and do something which you won’t. You have got this! Have you spoken to the doctor? Maybe get certraline. That’s what I’m on and so far it’s working! We are in this together ❤️

Hi thanks for your reply it’s helped ❤️

I had these feelings for a long time before I was diagnosed I was diagnosed with ocd and gad. My health anxiety means any little thing that’s not ‘normal’ about my body, I’ll obsess over and convince myself I’m dying. I also have harm ocd and getting intrusive thoughts relating to this was the catalyst to me getting help for myself. ERP & CBT have been life changing for me. I really bought into it and tried really hard in therapy. I think I got lucky and had an amazing therapist who understood my ocd & anxiety really well. Fingers crossed it works for you x

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