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What do you guys do to calm!?


Just now I've followed a YouTube video on progressive muscle relaxation meditation, I feel heavy and more grounded, and it's also calming my head.

Do you guys have any relaxing techniques to share.

The other one I do is put music or a audio book on headphones, and do something productive.

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Hi Katz. Mindfulness is my thing when OCD is not too bad because it helps me to observe my thoughts without judge them and focus on my breath and relax. In those moments (again, when OCD is not too bad) I'm able to see that thought are only thought and I do not need to do every behavior (compulsion or evoidance) and I can actually resist anxiety. Now, when I have to fight against all the strength of this monster as I am doing now (health anxiety, waiting for medical results) the only think that helps me is exercising, meds and preying. Be strong 💪 we're the best community in the world!

Katz101 in reply to Gimi44

I'm rooting for you with regards to results, and I'm in the same boat just now, I've thrown myself in at the deep end and listed all my concerns, some real! and my OCD fears.

I'm a firm believer it's better to get sorted than avoiding, which is what I did years ago.

I would be lost without this community.

I'm going to do yoga and meditation again.

I've been taught the relaxation techniques and do occasionally use them, but I've found that doing things that are useful or creative help a lot.

There are studies that have demonstrated the value of writing. I have always enjoyed writing and am currently working on a couple of projects. But it doesn't matter whether it's for others to read, or just for you, whether it's creative or just getting it out of your system, it can help.

I also love needlework and making things and that also helps. Just sitting with my needle and thread gives me pleasure and helps me to feel better. I am doing patchwork and it's great fun. The only irksome bit is cutting out the little paper shapes to put inside each patch, but though it's fiddly I really don't mind it.

Listening to music helps. I found as a teenager that Bach was great for studying to. And I still use him for therapy!

I do have a few favourite books that I never tire of reading and that cheer me up!

I often catch up on chores or cleaning if I'm not feeling up to doing much else. I'm not the tidiest and more of a domestic slut than a domestic goddess and and do let it pile up. I've just been sorting kitchen rubbish and feel better for having cleared some of it out!

Katz101 in reply to Sallyskins

I love needle work, I have a basket next to my bed.

I'm researching trees just now!! I'm going to be doing oil paintings with a tree theme.....

I'm going to try writing Sallyskins, I'll maybe start a diary!!

Domestic slut lol 😂 I'm a bit of both, I start loads of jobs at once and finish very few!!

I'm feeling a lot better tonight!! I'm practicing being in the now.

Sometimes just being reminded of the things we can do to calm, is all it takes.

Sallyskins in reply to Katz101

A diary is good!

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