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What is the one thing that helped you the most?


What is the one thing that helped you the most when you first learned about OCD? Was it knowing you were not alone, or perhaps understanding more about OCD from websites, or getting that diagnosis and treatment?

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Nothing :(

Knowing I wasn't alone, because you suddenly realize you're thoughts are not only experienced by you and people with ocd pretty much share the same experiences!

I agree, knowing I'm not the only 'weird' one really helps. It makes you feel more 'normal' "whatever that bloody is" as my therapist said.

Lol yupp. I've come to realize we all find our normal. I look around at my family and friends and they all have issues and can be unhappy, even without any sort of illness aha! Everyone has got their issues I suppose

a diagnoses, and knowledge of how ocd works

it has to be the right medication for me - saved my life then changed my life

A supportive family that does not judge my behaviour. Being able to openly talk though my anxieties and emotions with my fiance, who listens and reassures me that all is ok, letting me do things at my own pace, very patient and helps keep me in a positive frame of mind though panicky times and calms me down. I therefore do not feel that I have to suppress emotions which lead to anxiety leading to my OC's.

Being told the intrusive thoughts were ''OCD'', then gaining an understanding of ''what that was''!!!

For me, it was actually finally being diagnosed. It was such a relief to be able to say the thoughts and actions I felt compelled to do were part of an illness; and not just me losing my mind, which at the age of 13 seemed the only plausible explanation.

The diagnosis also meant I was referred for help, and it was comforting to know it was an illness that others suffered from too - I wasn't alone.


Hi guys, thanks for your feedback on this. Some really interesting comments.

Hi, the most helpful for me was to learn how I should correctly answer the 'what if...' question. Before whatever reassuring answer I was given I was able to find a few catastrophic exceptions from it. Eventually I learned that the correct answer is 'I WILL DEAL WITH THAT'. Whatever happens I will deal with that better or worse but I somehow I will find the way.

Another very helpful technique was the dissolving anxiety exercise as I was struggling with the cramping feeling in my solar plexus.

Hello Everyone,

I'm very interested in alternative therapies and have found EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) very helpful with other issues I had. Don't know if any of you have heard of this?

AshleyFAdministrator in reply to IBelieveInAngels

Hiya Angels,

EFT is not something we recommend or endorse for the treatment of OCD. Certainly we have yet to come across anyone who can say it made long lasting impact on their OCD, and arguably the tapping could be considered another compulsion.

Best advice I can recommend is to invest in CBT, both time and energy, and that in time will unlock the door to OCD freedom for you.

Ashley :)

Hi Ashley,

Unfortunately, there is a very long waiting list for CBT where I live and felt I couldn't wait. I'm a firm believer in the law of cause and effect and know what brought on my OCD problems. I understand about the tapping possibly becoming another compulsion but, then I would tap on that and knock it on the head, but that's me as I cannot speak for others. I will keep you posted on my progress from time to time.

Janet :)

Hi, my daughter is really struggling with OCD. 17 yr old, A levels, enormous fear of being sick since age of 11. Not helped by Noro virus circulating at this time of year. It's a very frightening place for her at the moment, and I don't know what to do to help her. Any suggestions please??

The first time I watched a documentary on OCD I felt really relieved that I wasn't mad and I wasn't alone. I have had OCD for 28 years and I managed to hide it really well from my friends and family. It is only since I have been having CBT that I have spoken out.

I imaging that I was like most sufferers and thought that I was going mad with the strange thoughts that occur, then one day I was watching television and a doctor was talking about OCD and then he mentioned the other side of the illness, ie the awful thoughts. I then made an appointment with my Doctor which was the first time I had ever discussed it with anyone, he sent my me to see I suppose a specialist who confirmed OCD and prescribed Prozac and for a while I felt elated , but here I am another fifteen years older and still taking medication but the thoughts will still not go away.

Hi AshleyF for me it was knowing am not alone and intrusive thoughts ocd like harm ocd is just thoughts we are not going to acted out on them

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