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Ive posted a alot before but...

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I have a question i havnt been to a professional to officially diagnose me with ocd i was diagnosed with anxiety at age 17 i am 25 now but i started having all ocd symptoms since after my 1st child birth it went away for about 6yrs after my second child my symptoms came stronger fear or everything its terrible 😢😭i post here about how i get ugly thoughts urges and extreme anxiety everything scares me and doubt everything aswell ; i am scared of acting out on these ugly terrible fears end up crazy in a mental hospital or locked up it scared me soo much ; sometimes i overthink what if i dont have ocd what if its something else what if i really am a bad person what if im going crazy soon 😭😭😭😭

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That's the OCD making you doubt. However I'm the same and I'm still trying to get am official diagnosis but nobody quite seems to know how to go about it! I think maybe a psychiatrist might be able to but I've not seen one on the nhs yet.

Its so hard to have to deal with this every day of life specially when not many understand

Some just want to prescribe medication like umm can you let me finish explaining ughh

The meds can help to get it under control.....It's reduces the anxiety making you worry less about the thoughts and therefore gradually experience less thoughts because you attach less importance to them. Then with the help of CBT you can gradually reduce and come off the meds x

Hi mommyyof02 I am the same your not alone on any of this sweetheart your not a bad person at all and please ano it’s hard but try to remember they are just thoughts you will never acted on them it says that no one in history has ever acted out on there thoughts with ocd are you from the uk? If so the is help out there don’t be afraid to ask are if your from the USA the is a lot more help you will get past this please believe me av seen loads of posts on here that people have got past it & I am sure you will hun good luck xx

I really think that you could do with some medication. It isn't the only solution, but you are suffering so much that it's worth giving it a go just to dampen down the worst of it.

The standard medication for OCD is an SSRI antidepressant. They are not addictive, and most people tolerate them well. They do take a few weeks to work, but you'd be surprised at how much better they can make you feel.

Please don't think you're made. It is OCD, and no matter how much you think you are crazy, you are not! And there is no way that you are a bad person. Don't let OCD make you think you are.

I know how strong such intrusive thoughts can be. It's like having someone sit on your shoulder saying, 'Go on, I dare you!' and however much you know you won't there is still the little doubt in your mind that you might. This happens to most people occasionally, but with OCD it can take over your life. But be assured that you really won't.

I have recently been given SSRI tablets for my OCD & Anxiety and can honestly say they have helped. I would suggest speaking to your GP.

mum of two,i was just reading you blog about not being diagnosed with ocd.well to them

police,courts ocd dos not exist.i was diagnosed by a lovely sciecietrist,sorry my spelling

gets bad when stressed mum.she was the only one,she was a hospital doc.then big brother probation stepped in with their belithe,that every one is bad.she then stepped aside in their faver.and I was left alone again ,in the belief I was not bad but had some

mental illness.thats me mum of two,determined one day to prove I am not bad,sorry

to be so longwinded mum,good night.

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