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I need help came across a story on facebook that triggered my ocd


I was doing well today and just a few minutes ago i was scrolling trough my facebook and saw this story about a young mother and boyfriend who harmed their baby i am in full panic fear and the what ifs thoughts coming in doubting and questioning myself this feeing is terrible i wish i had never seen that this is the reason i avoid the news also thinking of deleting facebook social media so many triggers 😢😢😢😢

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Cases like this are, thankfully, fairly rare. But parents who harm their children are not in the least like the caring, concerned mother that you are.

Don't interrogate or question yourself. That is the sort of thing that OCD likes to make you do. The more you go over it in your head, the more doubts you will feel, where there is no need for doubt. It's the OCD that likes to make you doubt.

The fact that you are so horrified by this report is proof that you would never do anything of the sort.

Go on using social media, but it isn't a bad thing to cut down on it. It can be overwhelming. It has its place, and it can be fun. But no one needs photographs of what people they've never heard of ate for lunch.

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