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OCD jelousy,sex thoughts


Hi everyone,I think I have OCD jelousy. Since I start my new relationship with my current girlfriend this obssesive thoughts came out. I m suffering with anxiety and depression for about 10 years now. I m on antidepressant( paroxetine) almost all this time. Somehow this medication was always helping me. But the last year is very hard for me. I m nonstop thinking about my girlfriends past partners,her sexual past life,judging her,comparing myself with her ex partners,doing resarches about the,imagening her having sex with them and so on. Sometimes music can remind me on her ex partners,sometimes tv,sometimes she remind me on my thoughts. It s really hard. I don t know anymore what to do...I m working a lot with my therapeut (CBT) wich helps me a lot. But I m still in this circle of thoughts. Sometimes I have days that those thoughts boder me much more than another days. But those toughts are always there and they are destroying me from inside. I love her so much and I don t wanna lose her. And she loves me too and she is trying to suport me. But its really hard for us. I have a lots of hard epizodes in my life but this one is one of the heaviest because I love her so much znd sometimes is hard for me to show her because of those thoughts and beliefs wich comming to my mind. Sometimes I feel like I m losing my mind. I don t know if this is just OCD jelousy or is something more. But this fear sometimes is so strong that I cannot even go to work,sleep,eat,... I m waiting now for referal from my GP to specialist to give me the right medication. Please can I get some advice what to do and how to desl with it. Sometimes it feels like will never go away. I hope you will understand me because my english is not really well. Thank you

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Try to remember that nearly everyone has a sexual past. It doesn't mean they are comparing you with their past relationships. Those past relationships broke up!

Our past relationships are valuable in that they give us sexual and emotional experience which we bring to a new relationship. That is a good thing!

Try allowing yourself to think of your girlfriend having sex with previous partners. The more you push the thoughts away the more they will spring to mind.

If these past lovers of hers were so great why isn't she still with them? Those relationships went wrong! And now she's with you!

Don't question her about her exes. Don't google them. Allow her to mention them in conversation occasionally, but don't discuss them in detail.

Try to learn to let go of her past. It is part of her, just as your past is part of you. But it doesn't have to poison your relationship with her. Make sure you take your medication every day as it helps. It is often the case that OCD attacks us using whatever matters the most to us. This relationship clearly means a lot to you, so OCD attacks you here. The CBT should help as it teaches you to leave the thoughts alone. Don't push them away and they will go away of their own accord.

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