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Is Chess a sport?

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The present demographics and epidemiological silhouette of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Alabama changes day by day just like in the other states in the Deep South. Although Alabama is amongst the states that have been designated a reasonable morbidity state, there are emergent infections that are presently trickling in numerous concentrated states with helpless populace and this has greatly affected the rural population, women and larger part of the African Americans. This is because roughly 70% of all HIV/AIDS diagnoses made between 2001 and 2006 were among the African Americans in Alabama (Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, 2005). Alabama is amongst the sixteen states referred to as Southern by the U.S. Census Bureau and Alabama falls under the Deep South, which historically has always been characterized by relying economically on the production of cotton and because of persistent historical factors based on issues such as health, epidemiological, and demographic profiles. In the past years, Alabama has suffered to a great extent because as of 2005, it amounted approximately 4,501,735 residents and nearly thirty per cent lived in non-metropolitan areas. In addition, the US census ranks Alabama at 44th nationwide among other states in terms of per capita income (America’s Health Rankings 2006). This makes the African American communities to bear a significant burden of higher poverty levels, which is estimated at 45% and most of the population that lives below poverty line is the African Americans, which is represented by roughly 26% in Alabama. The main reason why this topic is vital is because it aims at helping the medical fraternity to understand or come into terms with numerous social issues and epidemiological challenges that the Alabama people go through with regards to HIV/AIDS pandemic. This helps come up with an appropriate structure of public health to address the issues affecting the populace in the region. In fact, medical practitioners require the information discussed in this topic to build up targeted deterrence programs to help boost early detection of HIV contagion and lessen delayed access to treatment.

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