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Lack of support

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Not sure how else to title this post. But I was wondering if this has ever happened with anyone else, like if you tell your family or friends that you have OCD and they just don't take you seriously and pretty much just blow it off. For example I told a friend of mine in a text, and he just replied with an emoji and just changes the subject after, another time I told a relative and they just simply acted like they didn't care whatsoever. Not to throw myself a pity party or to sound sensitive or anything, but if someone I cared about told me that they had a health issue, I'd take that pretty seriously and support them anyway I can. But anyway sorry if I sound dramatic, this is just something that annoys me.

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It's a pity that mental health isn't taken seriously enough, and that some people still think OCD is a joke. Fortunately a lot of people are sympathetic to us and our problems, and I have had a lot of support from family and friends. But there are always a few people who will dismiss it, be impatient or just not care.

I had a friend who had mental health problems herself who having herself bagged the better seat in a cafe complained when I went back and forth trying to get to my seat, having to squeeze myself between neighbouring tables and chairs. Having to squeeze past narrow gaps is something that often brings on the OCD with me!

Perhaps say politely but seriously would they treat a friend who had a physical illness or disability with such lack of empathy, and that a little patience and understanding would be welcomed. But it could be simply that they don't know what to say, feel embarrassed at their own ignorance and genuinely don't know how to respond.

I definitely agree that people don't take mental health seriously enough, and that's very good advice, I can understand that they wouldn't know how to react.

Hi my name is Danielle,

I know the feeling as I was suffering for a while and hiding it well from my family and friends I started to stay in my room so noone could notice it, when I got diagnosed at the age of 12 years old my dad and sister didnt agree with it and thought "i was putting it on" and didn't believe in it, therefore my mam was great and attended every appointment for me gave me the reasurance i needed, speak to your doctor and they will find the best solution for you

I hope this helps you x

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Aromley_ in reply to Danielle-

Thank you Danielle, my mom kinda said the same thing, she said “sometimes I think you’re faking” so I know how offensive that feels (I think I’m using that word right), but thank you for replying.

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