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False thoughts

I am back currently 30 weeks pregnant with my little girl me and my partne are over the moon. But of course my head likes to ruin my happiness I went out with work 2 weeks before I conceived and I have taken a snip of that night out and persuaded myself I cheated on my partner πŸ˜“ Even though I never would i struggled with this last year and half way through my pregnancy! I have convinced myself he might not be the dad and we had a 4D scan and convinced myself the baby doesn't look like him even though every person says she's his double. I ruin every form of happiness for myself. I think I use the fact that I was drinking as like the doubt even though I never would no matter how drunk. I have no trust in myself. πŸ˜“ I have everything and just want to be happy. Does anyone else have the same problem I feel like I am the only one that suffers from these thoughts. I will not allow it to ruin my life!! I am so frustrated but thhese thoughts because me so real I think it's true and I can convince myself. I have been very anxious since I was a child but it stayed with me. I even went into looking at dates of pregnancy but that still didn't convince me enough to drop the thought. It's like my head doesn't want me to be happy please can I get some advice xxx

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Oh bless you, the thoughts are all part of OCD and playing tricks with your mind.

Can you tell your partner how you feel and let him read this forum then he can get an insight into the traits of OCD.

Hope this helps and please let us know how you get on. Good luck. ❀️


I don't feel I could talk to my partner about this subject it's his baby and I am scared he will think otherwise. My mind plays tricks on me it's so frustrating I would never do anything to hurt him and I carry guilt everyday for something that's never even happend :( xx


Hey I'm sorry to hear your feeling like this, OCD plays on the things that are most important to us. Also when we are most happy about something OCD likes to come and try to take away our happiness. OCD makes you not believe the truth that is in front of you. Remember that it's a mental illness , you are not a bad person. These are just intrusive thoughts. Have you ever had cbt treatment before? If not I would advise getting it as it was really good for me and helps you to face fear head on so that it's not a fear anymore, maybe u should try to talk to ur husband as sometimes talking and getting things of your chest really helps. Hope ur feeling better soon x


It is a truly vile thing, OCD! It's not that you don't want to be happy; it's just OCD trying to put the spanner in the works! For a start, the works outing happened before you conceived. In any case, you know you wouldn't have cheated. OCD often gets worse during pregnancy. All those hormones make you vulnerable, and it's such a huge event in your life, and OCD makes you doubt things when your emotions are running so high. Remember that it is just OCD, and that when your baby is born you will know that she is yours and your partner's and no one else's! Don't be tempted to examine the scan except for pleasure, and remember that babies don't always immediately resemble either parent! All happiness to you and your family and try not to let this eat away at you.

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I know this is a late reply but how are you now?


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