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OCD and Tics

HI! I have suffered from obsessive intrusive thinking for a very long time but after a recent breakdown have started ticking to get rid of obsessive intrusive negative thoughts. I have these pretty much the whole day long making it really difficult for me to function and am currently suffering from depression as a result. I am on antidepressants but not sure they are the right ones. Does anyone else tic, because I can't find much about this on Google. Also i'm not sure if I am suffering from ocd or if it is something else. Any answers welcome!

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Hello, I'm not sure if it's the same, but I have a "twitch" when I'm stressed or if I'm stuck on something. In times where I can't release a thought or for me it's usually numbers, my entire body will twitch like it's my brain temporarily shutting down (similarly to when you're overly tired) trying to get off of the thought. I have OCD/ptsd and go through bouts of depression. I can't take medicine because of the routine isn't something I can do. However, for you, if you're questioning what's wrong; whether you have OCD or not.. just know that if it's something you feel you cannot control, whether it's negative thinking or repetition; you can talk to a doctor and ask. Don't be afraid. Hang in there.


Tics are often associated with OCD and can be a manifestation of it - it's a form of compulsion and can be a form of neutralizing. As a child I had a series of tics which caused my family a lot of hilarity - I don't really know much about them either, and most OCD literature has very little on tics.

As for the medication - speak to whoever prescribes it for you. Getting the right one can be hit and miss - some suit some people but not others, and what is right for me could be wrong for you. But antidepressants can be enormously helpful, so don't dismiss them altogether, discuss the ways in which the one you are on helps or doesn't help and if necessary try another.


Hello there,

I tic, well it's sort of a tic! When i can't rid my head of a thought i twist my right ankle until it hurts!! I havent always done this, it's quite a new symptom of my OCD but it's starting to really hurt my ankle now, even if i dont twist it i can feel it throbbing.... Strange :)


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