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OCD Advice Needed


Hi, i have not been professionally diagnosed with OCD but i personally believe i have been suffering with it for the past 2+ years as i spend 1-3 hours everyday either cleaning, sorting things out ( Symmetry and making things look 'just right' is one of my biggest obsessions) and also checking things such as locks, taps, windows, whether the fridge or freezer is open or not and also whether lights are off or not. I also spend quite alot of time a day receiving reassurance from my partner about these matters as i get awful intrusive thoughts about each one of them.

I would just like to ask peoples opinions on the matter if you believe i do have it or not and if you believe i do should i seek medical help? Ive started to want to seek medical help about it recently as it causes distress and alot of anxiety in my everyday life which is awful to have to deal with everyday.

Thank you for reading and your time :)

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It sounds like OCD to me! Do go and make an appointment with your doctor. They should be able to make a referral to a therapist, or a community mental health team.

Lots of people have little OCD traits, but when they start causing a lot of stress and they interfere with your normal day-to-day activities, then it becomes OCD. It sounds very much that this is your case.

Treatment may involved medication, and normally an SSRI is prescribed. Most people tolerate these very well, though some people get side effects. The other main treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy. But it is possible to make a start yourself by equipping yourself with a book dealing with OCD. There are many on offer, but I have found Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the Overcoming range of self-help books a really good one. Another one is the OCD Workbook. by Bruce M Hyman and Cherry Pedrick. They explain OCD and suggest ways you can counter it.

There are also some downloads that might help. I can post a few for you.

JackC01 in reply to Sallyskins

Thankyou, this was very helpful, i will look into the books and also possibly book an appointment with my doctor regarding this :)



JackC01 in reply to Sallyskins

I will make sure to look into these later when i get a chance, thank you :)


I am the very same its a struggle on a daily basis and it can be quite stressful I think you should see your doctor him/her might be able to offer help councilling etc i swas diagnosed with OCD at the age of 12, try delaying yourself from checking (cooker,taps,doors etc) by a couple of seconds and in time increase the delaying time thats how ive fighted my ocd it is hard but it will get better

JackC01 in reply to Danielle-

Hi, shortly after posting this and receiving the helpful replies i booked an appointment with my doctor and to no surprise i was diagnosed with OCD, they also referred me to a psychiatrist to figure out a treatment method, of whom i will be seeing within the next two months :)

Danielle- in reply to JackC01

brilliant as that is the hardest step to ask for help this is great progress already i hope you fight it / learn to control it and feel better soon with a normal daily life with less worries keep us updated with the progression and feelings towards fighting it remember theres light at the end of the tunnel:) x

JackC01 in reply to Danielle-

Thankyou!, i should be getting help very soon :)

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