fear of faking trichotillomania

Recently I have had a dignosis of OCD and show compulsions such as washing and cleaning and intrusive thoughts. I am really worrie at the moment about one of the sudden (possible) traits of OCD. Here is some back information before I explain

-I used to chew my hair every day for five years,leaving it soaking wet every day. I learned to stop before secondary school.

-I have severe health anxiety

Yesterday,I was very worried and stressed and I suddenly had the sudden urge to pull out my hair. I did and then I could not stop pulling all night,even subconsiously. I have carried on doing this all of today when I am not distracted,leaving hair wherever I go. What conserns me is a few months ago I was googling trichotillomania just because I was generally curious and I'm thinking that this sudden urge to pull is just me wanting attention and faking it,as it has come on so suddenly. I am either faking this hair pulling or need help because I cannot define which part of my disorder is real or fake. I'm scared that the recent hair pulling is just my validation for other peoples symphaty or an actual condition,but i cannot tell the difference :( help!

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OCD really takes the cake. So not only is it unpleasant condition, which you don't want to have, but OCD tries to make you believe you are putting it on! If it really were the case that you only wanted attention, I am sure you could think of better ways of getting sympathy than pulling out your hair! This kind of thing - hair pulling and skin picking - is, as you point out, often something you doing almost unconsciously, and the urge can be very hard to resist. It is not a fake, and you are not a fake. I don't know if you are getting therapy for this, but if you have had a recent diagnosis then I hope you are. There are also a number of books which deal with OCD, including hair-pulling and the like, and they can be extremely helpful, either if you are waiting for treatment, or to supplement it.

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Another possible help is the website trichotillomania.co.uk - read the very helpful reply to the next post titled 'Trichotillomania' - I have just checked it out and it sounds like something that could help you.

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