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Hi, I'm Jess as I'm 20, when I was eighteen I got diagnosed with a health anxiety, I went therapy and seemed to worked wonders until 11 months ago I had my first baby and I had thoughts that my sister was posioning me, these caused me to throw away my drink constantly check myfood, and still now I check every where I go for traces of cocaine and I'm startimg to have thoughts I don't like, i worrying to extreme amounts of getting phychosis or schizophrenia, it's so time consuming I just want to be able to spend more time with my baby.

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  • It's quite common for problems like this to resurface after having a baby. It could be down to the responsibility of caring for a baby, hormonal changes, or just plain tiredness. Best to get help as soon as you can as these things can impact on the pleasure of being a new mother. It doesn't sound like you're psychotic, as you are aware that your fears are groundless but the distress you are suffering needs to be treated. Try to talk to the clinicians you already have dealings with - be honest about it to them so they can point you in the direction of help.

  • Hello Jessica..I can't really add anything to the good reply from sallyskins which is what I also believe..If you have previously had any anxiety issues, then it can also be that after having a baby -with the extra responsibility it brings,and a change in hormones- you may be experiencing a resurfacing of your previous anxiety which is quite understandable..

    Your health care providers are very good and on your side to help you with your baby.They will be able to offer you any support you need at this time and suggest any medication if necessary.

    It's exhausting with a new baby,and your health care team understand this, so tell them how you're feeling so that they know how best to offer you support.

    Very best wishes to you and your babyx x

  • Thankyou for the reply, I'm currently in therapy and I'm having another baby which happened sudden and unexpectedly so medication is a no for me, but I'm just really worried of what is going to happen once my other baby is born i love being a mum just hard sometimes! X

  • Hi Jessica.I understand what you mean about concerns over drugs,especially the effects they may have on your baby.But there are options available which are safe during pregnancy, so you could always ask about those if you wanted to..It is wonderful being a mum, but yes it can be hard sometimes.Just always remember to ask for help when you need it, and be honest about how you feel..

    Congratulations!🙂 Best wishes xx

  • Thankyou very much I'll consider it, an I always will xx

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