hoarding house mate

hi i wonder if i could get some advice..

i live in a shared house with 3 others. the house isnt the cleanest of houses but i do my best to keep my areas clean n tidy. ive recently realised that one of my housemates has a serious hoarding problem to the degree that he regularly sprays his room with insectacide and pestacide. im getting quite worried as i think not only is the stuff hes hoarding posing a health risk to us all but so is his use of these chemicals..

ive already helped to clear some of his stuff a few months back but fear its just been replaced with more stuff..

any advice on how can i tackle this would be greatly appreciated..


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Hi Bobbb

I would call 'MIND' for advice on your house mate's hoarding and spraying. I think you need to support him by being patient to get the treatment he needs.

I'm no expert just a concerned member of the forum. I would call your local council's environmental department and explain the situation about the spraying of chemicals. Do the chemicals pose a health risk to all in the house, do these chemicals evaporate and how what to do if they Don't?

I would tell your house mate the the poisons he's using remains in his room, furniture, carpet , bedding and is probably causing him more harm than the bugs he's trying to kill, by slowly seeping into his skin.


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