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I recently found out that I might have OCD. I do sometimes do simple tasks more than once and hoard things because a scary thought comes into my head. When my mum had cancer it was really bad, but since then it is much better and doesn't hold me back too much. I understand that I should go to a GP but I am scared to because I'm worried they will give me treatments like pills and things. I also don't want them to tell my parents. All I want to know is if I have it. Should I go to the GP?

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Hi, i am not an expert and only recently joined this forum myself. I went to a psychologist days ago because it is getting worse (the psychologist turns out to be a bad one). In my opinion, you probably should check it before it is getting worse. And as far as i know, there are therapies to help ease OCD and not just pills. You probably don't want to tell your parents because they will think you are overreacting, but you could try. I didn't tell my father but he kinda knows i am weird (the obsessions). Oh, and if you do decide to seek help, please do more thorough research on the therapist. All the best


Hi thank you for all your help, I went to the GP yesterday and she told me I did have it but didn't need pills and things, she recommended me to see some therapists so I will definitely try this. My Dad would definitely think I'm overreacting so I won't tell him straight away.

Thanks again!

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