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Can someone help me... I think I may have OCD

I didn't know OCD was something until yesterday I found out through my school work and I have read about something so I was just wondering if I have it. these are the things I do:

1) when I go to the toilet I would wash the tab handle both tab the hot one and the cold one especially if its my brothers that have used to toilet before me because I think if I don't do that I'm going to be pregnant I know its stupid I used to do that every time before I even used the toilet to every house we lived in but now we moved houses and for some reason I don't even care no more like I try not to do it by telling myself its doesn't really matter just go on and I sort of manage it.

2) I don't if its just because I love scary movies but I tend to imagine really horrible thoughts like I would think of 'if you put a gun in someone mouth what would happen'

3) sometimes when I just walking or on the bus I sit next to the window and like since the bus is moving sometimes I get the feeling that I have to look at certain something before the bus pass it else it going to annoy me for the whole day and if I hear a song and I think I know it but don't remember the name it will annoy me as well.

3) whenever I would be eating chicken and chips every time I would force myself to eat the chips first before I eat the chicken even if I got full I would still force my self to eat the chips else I'm not going to eat the chicken which I always want to it but it just feels like its weird and that I have to do it this order but lately I'm not sure if I have gotten over that but now I mostly eat chicken burger so I would force my self to eat the chips then the burger one day I was like why not try it to my self and I did it tasted so nice but it felt weird to do it ever since then I can eat the burger and chips together its a normal thing but when it comes to chicken and chips I don't eat that any more but I think I would still force my self to eat the chips first.

4) I don't why but I feel like I have to do everything I think of for example after college I take this bus I used to think started at that stop but lately I see people on the bus like 3 before it even reached my bus stop and the thing is when the bus is empty I think that because I was here first I have to go in the bus first sometimes I do it but sometimes other people go in before me I convince myself saying it doesn't matter anyway but it annoys me a bit.

5) in the night I have this think where I have to turn off the heaters at first it was just because I knew my mum or siblings would forget to do it so I would do it. but now its like I have to do it even if I'm on my bed and I remember I didn't check if the heaters were on I would force my self to go downstairs and check it even though I really don't want to do it but I will annoys me, makes me feel guilty sometimes I check them before going to bed and after I came to my bed I would ask myself if I did and if I'm not sure I have this feeling telling me to go and do it. same goes with the lights I have to turn off all the lights expect the one near the stairs although my brother comes and turns them on it annoys me to think that he might not turn it off but it don't feel as much annoying as it would when I didn't do it at all.

6) whenever i would wash my legs (for prayers) when i wash it i get this feeling that it something dirty touch it so i have to wash it again and again before it was just 2 times but now i wash like 4 times each leg its quite annoying to be honest.

right now I don't really remember other things which used to happen to me but so far I remember these. it isn't bad as other people as I read from here but I can stop myself from doing it but it annoys me to do it.

I would be great if someone could tell me if I have it or not



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Hi it sounds like it to me. My advice go to the doctors don't feel embarrassed or ashamed as the doc is there to help from there she will know and contact or write to NHS and try to find the right that therapist but this takes time, you will be surprised by how many people suffer from OCD if you have ? In meantime try to talk to someone to help you even talking can sometimes make u feel a little better. I'm here anytime . Go to the docs asap keep smiling 😀


Thanks but I'm not sure it would be awkward to just walk in the GP and tell him. i can't bring myself to do it.


I went to the docs 2 days ago and told her the lot the numbers the counting the lining stuff up and she was excellent. Been on Prozac 2 days feel like I'm going mad. The worst thing is not believing a thing anyone says. Don't think anyone understands me. I'm new today to this site today


hi , yeh i know what you mean, and you will feel like this there are all kind of emotions you will be going through and its very upsetting. OCDis a horrible thing to have and i have had it 30 yrs i only went for help 4 yr ago and had 3 lots of therapy and never the right therapy as i should have had congitive therapy but i thought they knew best im back at the docs today and dreading it. If i were you i would go back and explain about how you think your goig mad. dont just let it rest with medication you have to have both, as for me its to late 30 yrs in as for you its different but go back and mention having therapy. let me know how your doing ok x


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