Long time no see!

Hi there.

1) i want to say hello to all old and new members

2) i want to apologise for disappearing

3) I'm in a better place than i was before.

4) i want to help and support

5) feel free to chat to me, I'm pretty easy going...unless you challenge one of my rituals ;)

6) i was on here in the past for OCD mainly.

7) was attending CBT (for a 2nd time, but different reason) for quite a while, was treated/supported through an 'episode', OCD, anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, i.e flash backs etc, claustrophobic feelings, mood swings, irritability...you name it!!!!

8) currently taking 200mg sertraline

9) i think the worst it may have got, was when it took me 1 hour and 20mins JUST to check the oven and walk away from it. And i hadn't even used it that day. Tip of the iceberg though.

10) if you're struggling, please dont suffer in silence. Talk about it!

5 Replies

  • hi there welcome back, i didn't know you had gone i'm Alan and its nice to know your back look forward to your reply hope your feel better take care Alan

  • Thanks Alan

  • hi there your most welcome, if there is anything i can help you with or if you just want to blow of steam i'm here for you for anything take care Alan

  • Well done you great to hear that you are on the path to glory we need people like you on hear as success beats struggle

    Know where I am if you need me

  • ;)

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