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Help help help 😿

Is this me going mad or is this OCD and aniexty related, my aniexty has been very high and I been having horrible vile bad thoughts and I its been quite bad I been trying to correct them then as much as i try and correct them it's like my mind shuts down and won't let me then when I do mange to correct them I think thank god then the next thing horrible thought comes and its like I have to sit and really think of the bad thought but it makes me sick i don't wanna think about it it's just vile please someone help cuz I'm finding it hard

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Hi Sally I never associated OBD with horrible thoughts in my head,but I must have it,as at times I can't clear my head of them,and they are awful,like the most awful images I,ve seen,ie animal cruelty,I try to think of something nice,but doesn't work,no one knows what other people are going through,which is why this forum hopefully can help us.


Sally the truth is that ocd will focus on what you like in life and twist it to some thing awful that you don't want and trying to correct it only engages with the ocd cycle.

Please if this continues seek help as it was too late for me and I am now fighting the reinforced version that does not want to go away.

If you can go onto you tube and look at thought defuision techniques and message me if you need to talk

You can win take care



Thank you both it's vile really vile and sick to, it's like what I wanna say my brains not letting me say what i want and what's make me Betta, when I do say when I want and to make me better it's like my brains just shuts down and I feel I'm not saying the words right and clear when I no I am if that makes sense is anyone had this, cuz it's really horrible I've got everything right now a nice live a lovely husband beautiful baby girl and a great lovely supportive family who i love so much and I don't wanna loose them I'm so scared atm really don't wanna do anything bad and I don't want this thoughts, it like I have to repeat my self with what I really want but then my mind changes back to this horrible vile disgusting thought and then lately it's like my mind is freeze into it and I can't say what i want it's vile.... I feel that my mind thinks and says these horrible vile things what I no isn't true and I no i wouldn't do hope u understanding when I mean x


Can you TELL ME WHAT THE THOUGHTs are telling you if not DONT WORRY REMEMBER THAT YPU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS AND IF YOU WANTED THEm to be true you would not find them upsetting


I'm will message you x


Hi , you have to go and get help as this is going to get worse, believe me it took me 24 year to get help wished i had done it sooner, i was terrified , embarrassed, scared but in the end i did it which was 3 yrs ago, but now i have relasped and suffering again terrible some im going back for help x


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