Is it OCD?


So I was wondering if anyone would know whether this is OCD or not.

I seem to be quite obsessed with the numbers 2 and 5, for some odd reason (possibly OCD), and everything I touch, I feel like I need to touch it 2 or 5 times, or multiples of those numbers. I get a very slight sense of unease when I don't touch the object the right number of times.

I also get VERY stressed if something doesn't go to plan - for example, when I was on a school trip, I was going to sit next to a certain person on the coach. He decided that he was going to sit next to someone else, and I got very stressed, even to the point where I even stepped out of the coach to take some deep breaths and get some fresh air.

Another example would be earlier today. I put a bottle of water in the fridge so that it would be nice and cold for later, but then my mother took it out to make space for other things, and it got warm again. I got very stressed - not to the same level as before, as I was able to sort the problem, but still quite stressed.

I might just be over-exaggerating, but I would just like to know whether this might be OCD or not.


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I understand you. I'm like that to, I can totally relate. Though I can't tell you if it is OCD or not, since I don't know myself. Just know you're not alone ;)


Sounds like me I have OCD however sounds like you are coping with it well

Maybe you could talk to an advisor at college or your GP to make sure it is monitored so it does not get completely out of control

Take care



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