query regarding ocd

Hey I lives in the delhi. I am having a younger sister and we are very close to each other. whenever she gets a little trouble i become verymuch worried and that problem creates me a lot trouble i even can't distract myself from that problem and whenever we does fight i get depress can't even concentrate on my studies is this a symptom of ocd?? please help me out

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  • Yet again no one to reply to OCD question how very sad

    You clearly love your sister but it sounds as though perhaps you think the anxiety is disproportionate

    OCD is a stress disorder.

    Do you have unusual responsibility in the family are you without one parent perhaps

    I expect you would have to pay to see a Dr but it sounds as though you could do with some support

    Can any other family member help with your little sister?

    Is she very demanding?

    It is good to have family and to support each other but you have your own life to lead and one day maybe you will move away and not know when she needs help

    Have you always felt like this or is it new?

    Do you have a counsellor at school you could talk to

    OCD is obsessional but usually is accompanied by physical action such as washing checking counting

    It is always best to seek professional help if possible


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