Good morning, my OCD is awful. At night when I going to bed, it takes an hour sometimes longer to lock up. Is this normal???

When I'm going to bed, I have to check the windows and doors are shut, its takes ages. If the cat wants to go out then I start all over again. I check to make sure the dogs are in, I know they are but my brain is saying something else. I check the taps are turned off, the candles are out, everything is unplugged etc. When I put my shopping away, all the labels have to been around the right way, no 2 favours of cat food are together etc . Any ideas how to cure my OCD, I've been to doc but he tells me that its not OCD and everyone does the same thing. Surely not, please help!!!!!!!

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My first thought is you need a second opinion - or a new doctor.

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This soudns exactly like OCD. If it weren't, you'd be able to go to bed right away. Please see another doctor :/ Best of luck


I suffer similarly, and used to take over five hours to leave the house in am, and a further five plus to lock up at night - r leaving me very little time for sleep, and it impossible to go home and out again during the day. So you not the worst, please take comfort in that. If you are checking, etc because of fear then I really would seek a second opinion.

Three years later and I have got this down to 40 minutes on a good day now but it has taken an awful lot of hard work but conigtive analytical therapy has helped me. So it can be managed but do seek help and ask another doctor for a second opinion.

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