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Having OCD is illegal

As many are aware of OCD's symptom, I would just like to say has gotten me in a predicament that the council is now going to throw me out. I went to see a specialist intending to rid or treat my hoarding problem, also telling her that I live under a social landlord and whether this would affect my status in any way, to which she replied it would not.

Not only did the specialist stopped treating me after ONE session, she filed a complaint to my social landlord. My social landlord declared having OCD is illegal and is now throwing me out.

I went to be treated for my OCD, why did it become like this? I am going to be homeless soon, the malady of the system is so upsetting. Next time you see someone on the street, it may very well be me and if you could spare some change I would appreciate it.

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This greatly perturbs me. Your therapist complained to your social landlord? They broke confidentiality in doing so, which is probably grounds for legal action against them.

I suggest going to your council's housing centre and speaking to them about this, as they may well have a housiung crisis support team who can help you with your landlord. Go to Citizen's Advice.too, to discus the breach of trust with your therapist, and put in a complaint to your local NHS patient support group. MIND may also be able to signpost you to other help available in your area..


I think before we talk about legal action, we need to be sure that there is not more to it, as it seems strange that a therapist would a) cancel treatment and b) make a report, unless there was clear risk of harm to the patient or someone else. Was the specialist that you describe a NHS therapist or a private?

OCD is not illegal, and of course stating such is a concern, both for others that read it, and for you to be told that of course. But, having OCD is not illegal.

Hoarding is of course a grey area. because in the US it is now classified to be different to OCD so is no longer considered OCD, but I guess it depends on the reason someone hoards.

If the events are as described then I would be keen to find out the name of the therapist/NHS service.



A therapist can only break confidentiality if they believe you or someone else is at serious risk of being harmed. Is it possible she thought the hoarding was at the point your health or life were at serious risk? Maybe she thought telling your landlord would save you from anything bad happening. Even if that was the case she made a serious error of judgment and should have spoken to you about it first and explained why she may have thought it necessary and how you could ensure you wouldn't lose your home. I would definitely look into putting in a complaint about her further down the line. But you need to sort out your housing right now.

OCD and hoarding are not illegal and sufferers have some protection from discrimination under the law. I think it's possible your tenancy agreement contains a clause regarding keeping your home in a certain condition and your landlord must think you've broken this clause and so they believe they can evict you on those grounds. You need to speak to your council housing office to explain the situation, they have a responsibility to ensure you don't become homeless. Speak to Shelter and Mind they will have advisers that will know what your landlord and council is allowed and not allowed to do and the procedures that will have to be followed. They will be able to provide someone to represent you if it's required and arrange accommodation for you if it came to that which hopefully it won't.

I hope you manage to speak to someone today. Please try not to be too pessimistic. It's an awful situation but there is lots you can do to make sure you don't end up homeless. Please let me know how you get on.


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