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Pain in Both Hands - Arthritis?


Recently I have been having pain in both my hands. It has come on both hands at the same time.

It is from my knuckles down two of the fingers on both my left and right hands. It is always worse in the morning. Quite stiff and takes some time to loosen up. But it is there throughout the day.

I'm a little bit concerned that it could be early signs of arthritis.

Anyone got any thoughts?

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Anyone at all?


Constance13 in reply to Jakki-82

Jakki, it certainly could be arthritis "pain and stiffness worse in the mornings".

OA can start anywhere but it does often start in the fingers. Exercise them, but don't over-do it. Do pain killers help?

Jakki-82 in reply to Constance13

Thanks Constance

NCWVLyme in reply to Jakki-82

Do you eat sugar or gluten? I generally don't eat these, but I notice when I do that I wake up the next morning with very stiff hands and fingers. They cause inflammation that you may feel in your joints. Just a thought I wanted to share with you.

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