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Football anyone?

I just watched our local university (Nebraska Cornhuskers-Go Big Red) lose their football bowl game, oy. It was a fun game to watch though-there was lots of action, both throwing & running. There was even a fist fight between 2 opposing players & both got ejected from the game. The game was played in Florida, wish I was there because they are always warmer than Nebraska.

Now I will go out to do a few errands while the sun is still shining. I feel really good today and have to take advantage of it.

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Hi there, glad your having a good day and yes absolutely take advantage of the good weather. We are being ravaged by severe gale force winds and torrential rain at the moment. I have just arrived at work and am drying off nicely now. Glad you enjoyed the game. Take care xxxx


Hi Tinwoman, sounds a very exciting game! It is chucking it down with rain here and has been all night with very high winds. Keep checking to make sure the fences haven't come down. We've got trees, power lines etc down, roads are closed and the main London railway line is closed as there are trees down across it and to cap it all, a body has been found on the Queen's estate at Sandringham which the police are treating as murder. So it's all go here. LavendarLady x


Good heavens, Ll, that is sounding miserable! We had high winds on Sunday, with dropping temps, and now have had 2 snow squalls, but still only about 3 inches totalled. The Cono Association hired a young man to do yard work and snow removal, but he hasn't been here yet! I don't dare go out onto my sidewalk or driveway until the snow is removed, just too slippery to manage 4 wheels on the walker AND me!

A muder on the Queen's estate! Sounds like a novel! But have they made an identification? Awful thing for the family of the victim!

Have a comfortable day, hoping you won't loose your electric! XX Loret


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