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Gay day, I think not.

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I cannot believe this is happening. I have had flare ups after flare ups in my knees and ankles and am now back on steroids. To top it all I now have shingles. Someone up there definitely does not like me! I don’t think I am a wicked person but it does make me wonder at times, why me? Anyway I will not be beaten! When I am over this hurdle, I will carry on as before and be happy. As my dad used to say, don’t worry everything will be ok again and let’s face it, it will soon be Christmas and the time to be merry.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your day!

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Feel better soon x sounds like you are having a bad run currently x

What rotten luck. It's just one of those awful things that can happen and nothing to do with payback for past misbehaviour. It's so easy to blame ourselves for things that happen to us isn't it? Maybe your meds need a tweak? Wishing you well

If past misdeeds were punishable by illness, Trump should be really ill! Think of it as a tests of your ability to carry on fighting....

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Shouldn't he just!

I know the feeling darling, this year hasn't been particually good to me either. Never mind it will soon be Christmas and we can all have some nuts!!!! xxxx

Sounds like you are going through the mill there! So sending you some, warm and healing wishes from Pip xx

You're really going through it aren't you, but good for you for not letting it beat you. One good thing though, hopefully it's getting it over and done with for Christmas🤞. Hope you feel better soon. x

I’ve had facial shingles this year, you have all my best wishes for a very speedy recovery. It is; as my friend says: ‘a nasty damn pasty’!

Shingles is dreadful I got hospitalised with it so they could get the pain under control. Pre Covid though, so now it'll probably be tough it out ! I found Pregabalin very good for the pain and also Deep Freeze cream as well and am still on Aciclovar to stop it coming back. Worst bit was as I staggered into GP's I went under poster get your Shingles vaccine but I couldn't as was under 70. I think it should be offered to everyone ! xI hope your feeling better soon. x

So agree re vaccine especially when you take a JAK!

Oh no,what a time you are having. Hopefully things settle soon.

I had shingles when pregnant with my first. I overdosed on co codamol for three weeks as it was the only thing I could take. Hope it settles soon.Please don't feel this is something over which you have any responsibility, no power that b's wish you unwell. My understanding of faith is that you believe heavenly beings will get you through all challenges of life but they don't decide what those will be.

We all believe you'll get through it, you are a strong lady.

Hope you feel better soon 😊

I was in the same situation last March, shingles and flare ups knees feet and elbow, apparently the RA made my body so low which caused the shingles, l am thinking of you as shingles are so painful.

Sorry to hear you have shingles now. I hope it isn't too bad and doesn't last long. x

Hi Paulineg sorry to here your suffering. Take the rough with the smooth lol no one said about taking the rough with the even rougher lolRejoice in the not so bad days and chill in the not so good. I keep back what I call floaters in my painkillers for those days. Basically if I do my full prescription everyday it effects my eye sight and the ends of my figures swell ECT. I've found having an extra painkiller to take if I feel I need it helps me cope.

Little steps one day at a time. you've got the right attitude to get you through.

I wish you well.

My dad said it will be alright in the end so if it’s not alright it’s not the end. Take care. 💚

Very sorry about your repeated flare-ups. TRuly hope the steroids improve things & that things improve after that again & your long-term treatment kicks back in properly. Thinking of you xxx

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