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Slapped cheek syndrome - when to seek advice and both feet are in flare but I have to work, any suggestions?


I have just found out that my nephew has slapped cheek syndrome, I spent the day with him 24 hours prior to diagnosis.

The NHS website suggests anyone with a weakened immune system should contact GP.

do I really need to?

I am on Enbrel and my RA is under control, strange thing is that tonight I feel a sudden painful all over flare starting (sometimes this happens but I wake up next day and it's gone!) and feel I'm fighting something off, maybe it's another bug.

Which brings me to my feet, I have a full hobble going on tonight, maybe it will be gone tomorrow but I have to go to work, would my local A&E give me something to help in the morning, a stick or something? I look as if I've had a few sherries :)

Any advice?

Many thanks!

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ah, I've just read that slapped cheek in adult will result in joint pain and stiffness! maybe I'm not flaring and it's the virus?


Oh dear Williby - if you feel rubbish tomorrow surely you can have the day off work like most people in the work place - as sick leave? I don't know much about this but I know from previous blogs that you've had short lived flare ups, panicked and everything has been fine the next day? And if it's not then you could phone rheumy team or GP or both and take the day off work surely? I had a flare up last week in feet - similar to the one you describe - also in right wrist and then onto thumb and whole hand (felt and looked as if it had been clubbed!). I took Naproxen and when I woke up yesterday morning it was much better and by evening I was completely fine again. Since I've not had to take Naproxen and haven't flared up again - back on injectable MTX tomorrow after a month off and hopefully won't flare again for a very long time! Hope this helps. Tilda x


Hi Tilda, I think I'm stubborn as in I'm determined not to take a day off because of RA haha! not only that, as you know my Dads not good, taken a couple of days off to visit (he's in Glasgow) already and may have to do it again soon. Still flaring but I have a day off thankfully :)

Whenever I take a NAISD I get very dizzy, I did take one last night but only because I knew I didn't have to go anywhere today.

I'm lucky really this is the first time I've had a proper flare since it was brought under control. or is it a flare? I don't know, I'm in pain in most of my joints but no stiffness, maybe it is connected to the slapped cheek.

Anyway, hope you get on okay with you MTX today, did you feel any difference being off it? was that why you had your flare last week? xx


In my experience A&E are distinctly mean with their hand outs of sticks and so on....you haven't got an Oxfam shop or anything on your way to work have you? I got one there for 75p.

& re slapped cheek, I think you've answered your own question.....time to get on the phone Px


Hi Polly, It never even crossed my mind to get one myself! I didn't get one yesterday, just took some pain relief and hobbled! When I was first hit with RA, on 2 separate occasions I was accused of drinking, first time I was about to get into my car and the second I was pushing the pram!

I'm sure I was ignorant once!

I didn't ring, still not sure whether to bother or not.

I thought you'd disappeared, appreciating your advice as always :) xx


Hi Polly I'm back again! ( I replied below!) and Tilda, Alannah, If you see this, any advice?

I've just spoken with my GP, she told me to book a blood test and contact her asap if I get a sore throat or fever, that's fine.

I started back on my MTX after months of due to viral infection, she suggested I'm flaring because of that.

I asked her if it was still okay to visit my Dad in hospital, He is very sick and taking it a day at a time at the moment, along with his health issues he has been on antibiotics now for 5 weeks and is not managing to fight infection. I was worried I might pass on slapped cheek (if I have it) she told me that due to my constant low wcc and the fact I have re-started MTX that her concern was that I am putting myself at risk of infection by going into hospital to visit and to avoid it!! she apologised that it's difficult under the circumstances however I really need to be aware of the implications...

really??? as it is I only get to go down weekly as he is 3-4 hours away. The hospital rand me yesterday to give consent to send him for a MRI, he so ill he can't even do that for himself now. If I told him why I couldn't visit, he'd worry about me. Daft, of course I have to see him!!

sorry, normally by the time I type it out I've answered it myself after all Polly!! but any advice would be great!



Quite understand that you have to go in and see your Dad. We had a bit the same with Ma in law who was in hospital when it was struck with Norovirus and they banned all visitors - hard to explain to a confused and elderly person why she can't see her family. Anyway, hospitals tend to have the antibacterial hand gel dispensers everywhere - use them! Although try not to touch anything and anyone on the way to your Dad anyway. And maybe even wear a mask walking through hospital ( if you wouldn't feel too embarrassed). But as long as you don't go hugging every patient in the hospital the risk should be pretty small. Px


A little reassurance I hope Wilby, slapped cheek tends to be quite a tame virus in the main, kids often can just go to school with it, but yep, ring the GP tomorrow! Nice to see u here again, we have missed you xxxxx


Hi Allanah, that made me feel sooo much better! I was more worried about Amy coming down with it she's a little grumpy but still managing to boss me around this morning!

hm, maybe I will ring my gp....

hope your having a painfree and that your bum is feeling better too!!!lol xxx


Hee hee bums good !