Today is a new week!

So today I have decided to fight the demon RA. I am going to try and work all week from home, hoping this will take my mind off it. (Really really hoping) Positive thinking and even going to go for a walk this afternoon on the beach!

I am also going to start at the letter "A" and work through alphabet describing how I feel everyday.... Could be fun thinking of some random words.

Will also help support each other by knowing how we are feeling!

So todays word is "Animated" The reason being:

Feeling alive and ready to take the fight up again.

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  • Often I feel "anxious" which is not very helpful.

    The word which I find most useful most of the time is "accepting" as it makes me feel calmer.

    I am delighted that you are "animated" and I am sure that positive thinking really helps all of us.

    Have a great day and hope the sun shines!

  • Good to hear of some positive thoughts, will you be posting these each day, if so looking forward to the next 25 days.

    Don't overdo it and plenty of breaks even though you are working full time at home, allow the time it would have taken to walk to and from the ladies to your work station, these mount up and will mean longer breaks for you. Take care. xxx

  • Ancient is how i feel and fed up as i take one step forward and two back.xx

  • LOL, Love you Sylvie!

  • Evening lovely Loretta, and how are you this fine day? xxxx

  • Ardently waiting for real Spring!

  • We have had a taster today and now i am suffering for

  • I know what you mean Sylvi - I have kept a low profile here for so long but now feel the need to join in a little again ! I always read the blogs but have felt I had little to add, however, today my word is " adjusting" because as soon as I managed to accept this horrible RA the sooner I felt able to move on. Not as I was but how I will be......positive thinking I hope. xxx

  • I am trying to do as much as i can as on wednesday i am at the rheumy and i want her to see me at my worst. I have been keeping a low profile as well as it is the same old same old all the time and i think people will get fed up with me so i have taken a

  • sylvi not fed up with you, i havent been on much on any blogs etc v poorly x

  • Summer you are having such a rough time, keep strong , there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Thinking of you and Sylvie xx

  • thanks allanah x

  • We ARE here for you too, you don't need to face your alone Sylvi , thinking of you xx

  • Thanks allanah,that is good to know. I went to garden centre yesterday with my son. He came with me as i hadn't driven that far since i have ben driving again,but happily i drove there and back on my own. Spent some money on vege for the hubby and i got a couple of nice plants for my garden as well (hubby keeps saying there's no room) but i always find room for

  • There's our Sylvie back, but you can moan u know! We all do!

  • This is a brilliant idea and such a nice, positive blog :) Thank you! Today I am feeling 'ambitious' as I will write my second scholarship application, hunt for jobs, bake an almond cake and take a walk in the sunshine :) All the best, Christine xx

  • Sylvi.

    PLEASE don't stop writing on here. That is the way I think at home.... (People will get fed up with me)

    On here I am finding I can be totally honest about how I feel.

    I also am beginning to see the only way I am going to get through this is with all the support from people who understand what I am saying!

    There are days where you will be on top form, that is when you can cheer someone up. The other days we are all here for you.

    We need to think of a couple of positive blogs we can all add to. Why not do in the evening one positive thing you did today. The other idea could be something you are looking forward to. However little it is.... We can then all share the excitement of something.

    This is not a quick illness thats going away I am realising, so lets all make the most of it and get to know each other and share hints, tips, how to get help.... Lots of things like that.

    I think with everyone on here and their own skills we could all pool together and help each other do things, what about small bits of work you can do from home, things you are entitled to etc...

    Sorry if I am rambling. I can just see so much WE can do on our good days

    A site like this has to be made up of trust so we can be honest, open and when help is needed damn well ask.

    No one is alone, we all in it together



  • What a lovely commit. I was feeling very low today think its the steroids. Knew there was a reason i din't want to take them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So i am going to say amazing for today.

    Amazing to see and feel the warmth of the sun today always makes you feel better. xx

  • Well my word is "amazed"....I got a free sample of some BB cream in the post and gave it a try. My face looks really tired and pale lately and I've got to say I'm absolutely amazed how much healthier I look. Now I'll have to check online to see out how much a tube of it costs so tomorrows word may be "broke"

    Paula x

  • whats bb cream sounds good to me xxxx

  • my word is broke!!! too x

  • A your adorable, b your so beautiful !! Hugs xx

  • Well, I would say "Awesome", but more like Arguably Awesome :) It's a very bleak, grey, gloomy day and that about sums up my spirits right now :) xx Loret

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