Long time no moan

Long time no moan

Well, it's been a few weeks - horrible ones if I'm honest. Public sector contract cuts led to a large number of redundancies where I work, my job was (and still is) under threat of being reduced to 3 days a week, dad is seriously ill and we've just had to fork out nearly £500 on car repairs.

Hence my lack of activity here recently.

I haven't much news other than my visit to the Rheumy nurse yesterday resulted in me telling them that once I've given my body time to heal from the latest massive reaction to the poison they keep feeding me ...

[cue sound of sleeves being rolled up and fists bared]

.... they'd best prepare a large dose of anti-TNF because I'm refusing their snake oil DMARDs as of now. They may work for everyone else but they don't work for me other than to make me resemble something from a Hollywood sci-fi B movie.

As my mother would say, I'm a bit contrary.

Still, it's not all that bad. I can give my boss the finger without her even realising (I can't bend my left middle finger) and now I have sacroiliac dysfunction I can leave my desk to lurk in dark corners without raising suspicion. On bad days I can force the male bosses to fetch and carry and trundle my large piles of junk around at whim. What a wonderful combination of Result and Payback for the hell they've put us through these last two weeks. *relaxed sigh*

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Oh there you are. wondered where you had got to, Missed your blogs which are always brilliant to read. Sorry you are having such a pooey time on top of your everyday poo. Good friend of mine always says to me when I am moaning "no-one said life was going to be easy!" I could smack him round the chops bless him. Happy lurking and boss-fingering and gal make them men work... take care x


ooh! aargh! and doulbe ouch!! just another day on the ranch then.............sorry it's been so dire...............good to have you back Sue x


Hello! :)

Not a good time for you then, understatement! I hope you are given something soon that stops playing havoc with your life blood and returns you to something approaching 'normal'. Hmm ... what is 'normal'? I don't remember that!!

Plod on and take care,

Lyn x


i agree dmards are dam bastards thats that what the abrevaiation should be fore, tried two of the buggers metho. and sulphasalzine, now trying gols inje tions!!, my health auth wont pay for expensive ant tnf, just thank you good luck that golucester hopital insnt yours!!, I work the it too albeit part time, the consultants are condecending and the nurses, I work in the hospital pharamcy and as qualified staff no abit about the drugs!!, she would negotiate with me on tteatment, evil bitch!, and tried to accuse me of refusing treatment!!, was forced to agree to differ on gold injections, had my test dose and didnt die, always a good sign ho ho!, jon under threat too!, but the stress is adding to my symptons I GO HOME CRYING WITH PAIN


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