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It's been a long time...

Hi Everyone, it's been so long since I've written & a lot has gone on in my life. I've injured my back twice-enough to have to see a chiropractor regularly since January. The first time I went sledding with my nieces (2 days before Christmas) & then we walked on the frozen lake & I fell backwards, twisting-to save my head which hit anyway. The 2nd time, I missed the last step in a low lit stairway & pinched a nerve.

I've also just recovered from 2 upper respiratory infections that both spread to my eyes. I had never seen such red & sore & swollen eyes before and I looked like I could have been in a zombie movie & not used any makeup at all. Then, this morning, I woke up & my left eye was totally bloodshot again, ugh. I called & got an appt with a different Dr & I think that I intimidated him because I was totally being proactive & knowledgeable about the situation.

I picked up some more antibiotic eye drops & maybe they'll work this time. I just can't go on having red eyes every 2 weeks anymore.

Last week, since we have already gone over 100 degrees (one day), I thought that it was time to move my ice-scraper out of the car & while doing so, I somehow scratched my leg on it & am sporting a long gouge that bled profusely; fortunately though, it is healing good now.

I've also had some mini-flares this winter, ones that attack just one joint at a time & every day was a different joint.

On the good side, we have had a lot of rain this Spring & everything is so green, it is beautiful. I am still walking regularly with my friend & I'm feeling better all the time. I walked & volunteered in our Lincoln Arthritis Walk on the 11th-it was SO cold we broke a record & then 2 days later we broke a record for being so hot. Weird weather.

I've been keeping up (mostly) with the blogs and I really enjoyed the letter days. Hope all are well.


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Nice to see you back again.. think 100 degrees would kill me x


Hello Christine, welcome back, You have had a hard time of it haven't you? I hope you are now getting back to normality. xxx


Hiya, glad to hear from you. Yep this weird weather is carrying on. I hope it stops before Glastonbury and to maybe get out in the caravan again! Xxxxx


Hi Allanah, I see this word often on here but what exactly is a caravan?


It's a house on wheels, in America it wouldbe something like a touring moveable trailer?


Ok, so an RV (Recreational Vehicle) or a trailer, thanks Allanah.


Yes but in general they got owed behind a car. If you drive it we all it a motor home. And the ones in America are much bigger than here !


Hi Christine, good to hear from you but sorry you had such a yucky time of late.


Sounds like you've kept busy despite having some off times with your health. But itchy red eyes sounds very uncomfortable so hope this last lot of antibiotics gets it sorted. Polly


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