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Whats next for the new year.

I have a private consultation on the 5th jan. at nuffield hospital in l.spa. Hopefully he will be able to tell me why my knee is still sore and swollen after all this time. I went down hospital last friday to get my bloods done and i got my case notes on the last three years over my knees. I also got xray pics as well. I have to say the woman who was dealing with me was very helpful and she went that further mile to help me.

My chest infection hasn't cleared up so tomorrow morning i will be back on the phone to see a doctor and get more pills. Still coming downstairs at silly o'clock as i sleep better down here. I am so tired though.

Hope you all had a lovely christmas. I'm putting a photo on here that i took christmas day.

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Good luck on 5th January Sylvi. I hope that you finally get some answers. Such a shame that the NHS has been unable to help you in this. Sometimes going private is the only way.



Hi sylvi

am thinking of having a private consultation as my nhs one keeps being cancelled - is it ok to have one then continue with treatment on nhs ?

i am afraid of deviating incase the nhs wont have me back but am getting so cross at having appt canx that i am sure it is not helping with ra.

look forward tohearing from you.

beachbabe xxxxxxxxxxxx


Yes you can still stay with the nhs. If i have to have another op i will have to transfer back as we couldn't afford it privately. I will probally have to go to walsgrave as the consultant i'm seeing works out of that hospital, which doesn't matter as they are both in the same group.

At the moment i'm ill with a chest infection and i'm not able to take my mtx for three weeks, so it might help me at this consultation as i might be able to move much.

I will let you know what happens. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sylvie, I'm hoping alot of better news for you on the 5th. Seems that date has suddenly gotten here! Atleast you will know more about what is going on with your knee and what to do about it.

We will all be anxious to hear from you! Hugs, Loret


Good luck for the 5th xx


Thanks. xx


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