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How often do you get blood checks on methetroxate

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Hi, After reading that some people seem to get blood checks every 3 months while on methetroxate i am wondering if i am getting mine done too often at every month, i am sure that was what i was told but i have been on mtx for years now and wondering if i could get away with going every few months instead of every 4 weeks. Would be interested to know what everyone else does. Thank you.

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I have monthly bloods but I have other medical problem too that need monitoring.

your rheumy is the one who should decide.



Thanks Sandra, i was told every month a while ago but i see some others are told every 3 months.

I was monitored monthly for the first few years until I was stable, and now slowly increasing the time gaps. But just ask your rheumy team, as if they're happy with your progress then may be happy to extend the gaps? Polly

Thanks Polly, when i asked before they said monthly but i have been taking it for around 8 years wilth no problems so not sure why.

My area is every month when on these drugs unless there's any change in dosage or drugs or problems. I presume this is because if there are problems then we haven't got the same access to services here so important to stay on top of things perhaps? But my GP is very laid back about the blood tests - after about four months with no problems with bloods he's shrugging and saying a month or even six weeks would be fine. Tilda

It depends how stable your results are - if its always totally normal, then you probably need to ask your GP to check if you still need to have the tests that often. If there is any kind of fluctuation, then its probably safer to just leave it as is. Some NHS regions have "shared care contracts" for managing DMARDs, than include statements on how often to monitor with blood tests, and when the GP is to refer you back to rheumatologists. To be honest though, I've never heard of anyone whose GP has actually signed up to one of those contracts, If you want to see what they look like, just google your NHS region + "rheumatology shared care" and see if you can find the one for your area. For an example, here is a link to the SW Yorkshire guidelines

Thank you Tilda & earthwitch, It was when i heard that some others are told every 3 months that i began to wonder. As you say, perhaps different regions have different guidelines. I might try and go every 6 weeks until they say something. x

I have been every month nice diagnosis about 20 years ago. They are very quick to ring if I don't go either .


If I don't go to get blood tested then my prescriptions are stopped - I missed one once as wasn't well and then had lots of fuss about it and it got added to my notes as a 'Did Not Attend' patient which makes them look at you negatively. So I'd tend to ask about increasing the gap, and persuade them that that's right for you, rather than just doing it. Polly

Thank you all for answering, i should probably just continue as i am them. Hope everyone is not too bad today. Have a nice weekend. x

This is a question I asked myself recently and I'm going to bring it up at my next rheumatology appointment. My GP just goes along with whatever the rheumy tells them and I'm wondering if the busy rheumatologist even considers it without being asked.

Paula x

Good point Paula, especially when some are told every 3 months. x

I have been having mine every 2 weeks, that was because of my ALT was high, now i have started a new drug they are going to continue ever 2 weeks, but then they said it will be ever month depending on the results, Shirley xx

Thanks Shirl, hope the new drug works well for you, have a nice weekend xx

Mine is every month, and when I let it slide for a few weeks extra, I was told in no uncertain terms that it is essential that I have monthly tests

Ally x

Thanks Ally, It seems like the people that are told 3 months are in the minority then. x

Yes monthly seems to be the "norm". I had fortnightly blood tests for 3 months when I started sulphasalazine together with my regular mtx. I am now on injections of mtx and have just reduced blood tests to monthly.

Thanks Tess, when i was on sulphasalazine alone it was every 3 months but since taking mtx it has been every month.

Same reply. I am on monthly blood tests, so far so good. I havs been on MTX for about 6 months now. X

I've been on monthly blood tests since starting mtx 6 years ago.There was a discussion a couple of years ago about altering to every 2 months but that months results were not good and it's been monthly ever since.xx


I go every 3 months, but my bloods tend to always be good. If there was a problem with any meds I would be moved back to every month.


Thanks girls, i have been gettg them done every month for around 8 years and up til now haven't had to stop them for any reason but they still say 1 month. xx

hi, i started off every 2 weeks for 6 months then monthly for 3 month im now every 2 months my rhemy updates my book to let the gp know when they should be done.

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Thanks Micky, i think i will ask again about this next time i'm at the hospital, 2 months sounds better.

I have an excellent rheumatologist and she recommends every 2 months and I see her every two months as well. after last check up she has increased metex by 5mg each month up to 25mg plus 3 per day salazopirina plus steroids so will be on highest dose as my inflammation is still going up up up!

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mille in reply to grace37

Thanks Grace, i will ask again if i can go every 2 months. Perhaps you are needing one of the Biologic drugs if you are still in pain. I am now on rituximab and it has made a huge difference. take care x

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grace37 in reply to mille

I am on waiting list to see national health care rheumatologist , have had ra for 2.5 years but only got on this year. So rheumy is private but if needs be and I need biologic drugs I'm sure she will fast track me through the system. I live in Portugal and a lot of heat certainly doesn't help ra. She is my fourth rheumy and is top of her field and she is young too.

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