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Pubic bone pain

Hi, does anyone suffer with pubic bone pain mainly at night with their RA. If so what do you do and have you had it checked with doctor and what did they say. I had it about 3 years ago but it's come back again and it's getting me down and very painful. Dr is doing a blood test to see what my inflammatory levels are and go from there.

Many thanks Dana x

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Hi Dana, no haven't had this but is he doing scans and hormone levels too as I vaguely remember suffering these types of pain at times of the month, pregnancy etc as my bones softened and moved. I have no idea if this can happen in RA. I hope your bloods give u some answers xxxxx


No she hasn't said anything about hormone levels just inflammatory levels, yes I did have this when pregnant with my 3rd child and was diagnosed with RA six weeks after having him but he is now 14 years old. She did ask when I'm next seeing my rhemy but not seeing him for another 4 months so too long to wait. I usually only see rhem about my RA but can't wait that long and it is far to go so thought I would go to doctors. I have been doing a bit of research and they talk about scans i ask dr but she wasnt keen on doing that because of the reproductive area. Thanks for your help got blood test tomorrow but won't know much till next week but will let you know, thanks again xx


I have been getting it recently, only occasionally, on the right hand side of my pubic bone. I'm not too worried, I get all sorts of pains all over! I thought it might be referred pain from IBS or something.


Mine is on the left side, I I don't suffer from ibs but may be something to think about. Thank you for replying xx


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