Has anyones menstrual cycle been affected?

mine has gone mad. since adding leflunomide and brufen retard to my cocktail of drugs. (stopped brufen incase it caused the thinning of the blood) after my monthly cycle of a week, it didnt stop and went on to be heavy bleeding with clots for 3 weeks. I am booked in for an ultrasound just incase but the only way to stop the bleeding has been to take this acid stuff from the doctors which worked but as soon as I stopped taking it it all started again so am back on it again. I have been in a horrid flare for over 2 months and am just starting to walk again, and now this on top. Has anyone else had anything similar? I had been settled on sulfasa, planquil and 5mg pred prior to this flare. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Hi, I'm all over the place at the moment too... Some months I seem to spot most of the month, then I'll miss a month completely then I'll have a really heavy one which lasts ages. Think it's v poss the start of the menopause proper as I'm 48 but I know some meds can mess it around and mine have been weirder since I started on 25mg mtx. I've had an ultrasound which showed multiple small fibroids so perhaps these are causing it on their own or as a result of the mtx affecting them. As you say it adds insult to the whole set of problems we're trying to deal with doesn't it! I really hope they get you sorted, transeximic acid will only reduce the flow not the problem so id def make sure they sort a scan out for you to check for fibroids as they are often the culprit for prolonged bleeding. Good luck and watch your bloods for anaemia! Xx

  • thanks for that, it is good (in a weird way lol) to have someone in a similar position that I am not alone. I am 38 and I read fybroids can be caused by weight gain and with all this lovely prednis that has certainly happened to me in the last 2 years, so I am pretty sure thats what they will see at my ultrasound too. Hope it all settles for you soon too. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger lol x

  • Mine have been awful for years but have become heavier and more prolonged since starting mtx. Currently on my 9th day and looking forward to a hysterectomy before the next one is due. Its a scary prospect to be honest but I've really had enough of putting life on hold every month and being scared to leave the house for more than an hour or so. I have also tried tranexamic acid which does help but I worry about the long term effects of this when were on strong drugs already. My blood tests showed I'm not ready for menopause but the severe periods leave me worn out. Ask your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist for some advice.

  • gosh I dont want to think about this for years either am not suprised you want a hysterectomy. As if we dont have enough to deal with eh. Depending what they say at my scan I wouldnt mind the op too. My mum passed away age 37 from ovarian cancer that was diagnosed to late so anything down there makes me nervous! I'm sure this tranex. acid makes me feel sick too. Good luck with your op! x

  • Thank you and good luck with your scan. So sorry to hear about losing your Mum at such a young age but hopefully your Dr will be extra vigilant given your family history. Best wishes

    Paula x

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