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Pain killer plasters

Hello everyone, hope you're all comfortable. I was re-reading some of the old blogs,and came across the one from Nottexsportfanatic about the pain she's in.........well when I last saw my consultant I was crying where the pain was bad and I'd had enough that day, I asked for a stronger pain killer, he said he really didn't want me to have any more pills as I take more than enough, but he gave me Versatis plasters, which can be cut to size, and for me they work quickly as it can be put directly on to the area, they can stay on for up to 12hrs.I hope that this maybe of some use to someone. Take care, keep safe and warm Ann xx

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I'm on morphine patches, 35mg per hour, they do help but unfortunately they addictive lol as long as they work I don't really care as getting rid of some of the pains is more important, to me anyway lol, maybe speak to your GP and discuss it with them.



Thanks for that, I agree about getting rid of the pain, I will ask my Rhuemy as my GP's useless. Some nights when the pain is particually bad, I put patches on ,take pain killers on so that I can get a few hours sleep........what a sight I must as well I'm on my own. Ann


versatis non addictive they are lidocaine


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