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Pain relief pens?

I have just seen an advert for an electronic pen which supposedly gives 'effective natural pain relief' within 10 seconds at the point of pain - 'effective on arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries,muscle and back pain.' Has anyone tried one of these? It was priced at £24.99 (cheap enough for me to try but obviously dont want to waste money if someone has tried it, and it is no good - although the company is a reputable company and offer a 12 months money back guarantee on their catalogue). I have not included the name of the supplier so I hope that this question is not considered to be an advert which of course it is not. I have RA and Sciatica.

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Hi Judi, Yes I have personal experience of these 'miracle' pens. My dad had osteo in his thumb and ordered the pen on price guarantee. At first he thought it was ok but it works similar to tens by giving a pricking sensation which takes your mind off pain. It had no effect at all on my RA pains and dad ended up sending it back after 4 weeks for refund. Everyone is different though so it may well be good for some people.

Good luck



I think if it were as good as it claims the NHS would be dishing it out and save a fortune at the same time.

I'm very cynical of anything that claims to end arthritic pain, though it may work on muscular pain, you might as well stick a pin in your arm to take your mind off the pain in your leg.

Sorry to be so negative but over they yrs I've seen many things that claim to be a miracle cure for arthritic pain. lol xx


Hi HarleySue and Beth58,

Thanks for your feedback. (That's saved me £24.99).

I knew I would find someone with an answer.

Thanks again



A tens machine is a better option I have one. you can get one for a similar price x


My Dad used a tens machine for his chronic pain and did find it helpful. I haven't tried one & thinking about it I'm not sure why I haven't! Might put one on my list for Santa. Polly


Thanks everyone for the feedback. I wont be wasting my money

Judi xxxx


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