does bronchiecstasis get worse over time?

told i have this as side effect of RA or mtx but it must be v mild, just 6 monthly xrays, no meds. no xray done b4 started mtx - in fact no xrays since age abt 7.... so iswhat they see 'slight shadow in ct scan etc' leftover from early childhood. what can i expect, folks - see rheumy tuesday hoping 2get mtx back n put w/chair instorage. if u can pse cross fingers 4me xx

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  • Good luck will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi you should've had a chest x Ray before you started on mtx , to check everything was alright

  • yep - have picked that info up from posts here and web research, so am trying to keep my cool here. but as no treatment presribed reckon it's just a hint of shadows in lung / lungs - and cd be very very old - was a chesty young kid but apart from the odd wheeze or infection as adult have done ok - so far. never cd run - first over the hurdles but last 2 finish etc etc. miss my swimming at the mo tho - more a stately old turtle than granny racer tho. hope to be back at it soon take care, you x

  • I didn't have a chest xray either before starting methotrexate and I have a asthma. Mind you its fairly well controlled. M x

  • I have Bronchiecstasis too as a secondary to RD. I'm on two inhalers at present but only one of these I have to use daily, that is Spiriva. The other, Ventolen, I only use when I'm very out of breath. I asked why I had to use Spirivai every day and was told that I may not need it now but that it would benifit me 'later on'! So from that I'm assuming that the condition could worsen with time. I was sent to a see a lovely young girl who taught me how to bring up phlegm from my lungs and I'm to do this once a week. It is a great help as I know that my daily cough is due to this. I do get breathless very easy......I can't walk and talk at the same time.....I like to talk!

    From this it sounds like I'm gasping but I'm not. I know it's there and the walking and talking really annoys me as I want to walk and talk at the same time when I'm in the park and fall in with other doggy people. So to answer the question, at last, yes it is a condition that tends to 'present' as we age. Rotten I know but there it my opinion is based on what I have been told about myself, you could be different, so that is all I have to go by so ask lots of questions. I hope this helps and doesn't depress you for the rest of the day......XX

  • Talking about expelling phlegm isn't a very nice subject so if anyone wants to know who to do it pm me and I'd be happy to tell you how to do it very effectively. I have always had problems with it but now I know how to relieve myself of it I'm great......x

  • thanks everyone - great help to me. i don't have any phlegm or mucus apart from nasal drip which nose drops stop and once i get mtx back so i can walk i'll be back to swims daily starting back at 12 lengths then build up again to 20. jeanabelle i can't walk n talk together, never could - but i cd always walk n sing so something to do with breath control maybe ... try it round the house lol. good luck n optimism to all even if sometimes misplaced. 'always look on the bright side of life' etc etc. xx

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