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Have a look at my website please :)?

Hello everyone!

As part of a project at uni, we have had to set up a website. I was wondering if you would have a look at mine? It's not finished and there's still bits and pieces to do to it, but it's live and online!

The website is called 'Accessibility for Disability' and basically what we want to do is make employers/workplaces/colleges/universities etc aware of the Equality Act and make people with disabilities feel equally valued in the work place.

On some of the pages you look at, youll see a 'sign up' box. If you like our website, have any feedback, hints or tips, then feel free to let us know! By entering your email address you will get no spam emails and your details aren't passed on anywhere - it is completely safe.

Here is the link below for the website:

We also have a Twitter account and a Facebook page! If you're on Twitter or Facebook then why not follow us or give us a like! Here are the links below:

Twitter page: @A4D2013

Facebook Page:

Hope everyone is well and thank you in advance.

Emma :)

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Will look shortly. Hope you are well little Em.


Hi i have like on my facebook page well i think i have . Sometimes i can be a bit blonde (sorry to any blondes)xx


Well done Em. Nice looking site and great idea xx


Hi, I have put it onto my fb account. It looks good. The website is great aswell. Carry on the good word and a good way of getting the message across. xx


well done :) x


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