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Latest updates on RA and COVID vaccines


Please take a look at the FAQs which will answer many of your queries.

Also you can watch the Facebook Live session from 21.12.20 on the NRAS Facebook page

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Thank you Clare - very helpful.I'm planning to watch the session later but the FAQS are very clear and reassuring.

Thanks Clare , it was super. Just the answers we needed . I was anxious when realised it wouldnt work so well on us but was glad the doctor said we should have reasonable protection xx good news

Many thanks Clare, much appreciated and reassuring.

Thank you Clare.Yesterday’s session on FB was very informative and just what we needed. Thank you for all you do for us. Merry Christmas to you all at NRAS

🎄🎅🏻 🎁 🥂

Really helpful, thanks for that Clare.

The talk with the senior rheumatologist was excellent. Thank you so much to you all for this. As many of us aren’t able go speak to a rheumatologist at the moment, this answered so many questions.

A good session last night. Thankyou.

Really helpful, thank you

Thank you Clare. Very informative.


I wanted to add my thanks to you all for arranging this and to the rheumatologist who gave up his spare time as well. It was useful and informative.

Thanks Clare, this would have passed me by and I found it very clear and reassuring.

Thank you for answering my question regarding whether the Oxford vaccine was live or not. This has been an ongoing debate. You answered concisely and in layman's terms - just right! 😊

Really excellent. I feel I understand the issues so much better now.

Thank you xxx very helpful

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