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How do you regester as disabled i havent got a clue where to go or who to inform HELP?

Hi ive been told by ocupational health at work to register as disabled but have no clue on how to do this ,where do i go or who do i speak to ?????The only reason im askin is so that im covered by the disability act at work because of the time i have off when im having a flare up ?

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Go the dwp and ask for a dla form. You will have to jump through hoops,but its worth it in the end. You will have quite a bit of form filling to go through and possible medical. I know this sounds daft,but when you fill in the form excacerbate everything and the same when you have a medical,as this will help your case. I have to say it has helped me as i don't work now. I also get esa,which is the old incapacity benefit.That will all change soon as the goverment wants to lump the two together,thereby making us all worse off.

Dla doesn't stop you workingn though. Esa is when you can't work. When you get the forms get someone to help you,eg; citizens advice.

Hope this helps.

Sylvi. x


If you have another appointment with your ot soon ask them to help mine put me intouch with welfare rights and they helped me with everything I couldn't thank them enough. It's worth asking rather than doing it alone. Good luck.


Hi Sue, you don't register as disabled like you used to have to with Social Services. Under the DDA your classed as disabled if you have a long term health need which impacts on your daily life.

Also, there are benefits which automatically qualify you for additional help/support these are Disabled persons working tax credit (you can claim this if working 16hrs or more) and DLA it comes in 2 components care and mobility you get the claim forms from DWP and it's quite difficult to claim but it helps if you have the support of you GP/Consultant or OT. I'd also advise anyone claiming this to get help from a welfare rights organisation like CAB.

If you have problems around the home or getting in out due to steps etc. You can ask contact Social Services and request a needs assessment to see if there's any aids which will help you at home.

I have hand rails at doors and had a walk-in shower built into a bedroom as I refused to have my bath taken out. This was done to aid me getting ready for work. So it makes no difference if you work or not.

Check out the following websites for more information.

Hope this helps.

Beth xxx


Hi Sue

Just to further what the others have said, the information on the website about registering as disabled states:

"If your disability is 'substantial and permanent', you can register as a disabled person with your local council.

It is not necessary to register to get local council services, but it may help in getting concessions such as reduced fares for public transport. It should also help your local council plan their services.

Your local social services department should be able to help you complete the registration form if necessary."

So if this is something that OH is insisting on it may be worth contacting your local council. But as Beth58 mentioned you should be covered by the Equality Act 2010 (previously the DDA) at work if you meet their definition of disabled:

- a physical or mental impairment, and

- the impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

If you did decide to claim DLA, we have a booklet to help guide you through filling in the forms, which is available to download from our website:

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

Helpline Co-ordinator


I also found my local social services very helpful in providing equipment for me. The OT came to see me and went through the house to see what I needed. As a result I have hand rails, toilet facilities etc which have been a godsend. So do have a word with them as well.

As Beth says you will need to apply for DLA - CAB can help you as well if you get stuck as it is a sod of a form to fill in. Your own OT will probably help too. You have to fill it in as if it is your worst day. It takes about 3 months to come through but it will be backdated to the date you applied.

DLA will lead onto other benefits such as a Blue Badge if you have the mobility component which also means you don't have to pay road fund tax on the car and can get forms for that from the DWP.

Good luck. LavendarLady x


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