Heat Therapy Wax Baths

After asking for advice on these wax hand baths, I treated myself to a Champneys Home Spa Paraffin Wax Heat Therapy System.

Ladies (and gents).... put this on your Christmas wish list!!! I can't believe how brilliant it is!

I have used it twice now - especially after writing out my Christmas cards this evening which made my right hand very painful and swollen.

My hands feel lovely - the pain in my right hand has eased so I am now able to use the laptop to write this blog and both my hands feel silky smooth - which is an added bonus!!!

Now back to I'm a Celebrity .......

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Morning Erika, they are good aren't they,pity they can't be used on the whole body!!!!! Celebrity,i was watching strictly come dancing,much better in my mind. Hope when you get up this morning your feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Sylvi. xx


Afternoon Erika,

I would like to thank you for your blog.

I had a wax hand bath many many years ago and foolishly gave it to a friend when we moved house!(I could kick myself now if it wasn't too painful on my feet!!)

So, I read your blog out to husband this morning and, hey presto, he has just purchased a Champneys one for Christmas for me. RESULT :)

If anyone is interested he got it from Amazon (are we allowed to mention companies on here?) at a good price of £25.71 + free p&p. Hubby is delighted because he has just got a good deal and I am delighted because I will be getting something I really wanted for Christmas :)

Have a good Sunday afternoon




Really to pleased to hear that!! xxx



I bought myself one of these earlier in the year, after a recommendation on here, and it's really been worth it for the relief it brings:-}

Cece x


im going to get one too ... not waiting for santa :-)

debs x


I've just read this to my husband and he's told me to send him the link so he can order one for me for my Xmas prez - thanks Erika! TTx


This is where I bought mine from - however, I think you can get them from Amazon a bit cheaper than this.

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine! x


Hubby bought me one a fewXmases ago and I've never used it! Feel guilty about that and we are on the verge of putting it on E-Bay or giving it to a charity. However, reading all these comments, I may now actually use it! My hands do suffer now and then especially after preparing meals (i.e. slicing, chopping etc.) I know how good it feels after the physio nurse gave my hands a wax bath not long after I was diagnosed - it felt heavenly, so may give it a go now! Thanks for the info.

Lynn x


My physio told me today that they are recommended for anyone with RA in their hands because as the fingers stiffen up the delicate joints can actually get so bad that ireversable damage is done quite early on. She wants me to use mine to soften up my fingers so I can do the finger exercises as instructed - so not just theraputic but actually important way to avoid damage - don't sell it on Ebay Lynn you are bound to get worse hand problems the minute it's gone! Tilda x


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