Leflunomide and Hydroxy

Today I have walked up the side of our house in agony. Just a short walk it felt like I was walking on the beach barefooted. I should have gone for my Rhume appointment 3 weeks ago but cancelled on the day, Now I have to wait til July to see the consultant. My fingers are painfull,stiff,and achy. I feel exhausted even walking nup our stairs. I dont wish to see the nurse cos she is always complaining of 'been rushed off her feet' which makes me feel guilty. Plus I await another appointment regarding the build up at the bac of my eyes with the eye clinic. I dont post on here unless I have a worry, can anyone advise please. Thanks xx

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  • How my terribel spelling mishaps- thats what u get for typing singel finger!!!


  • Sorry you're feeling so rough my lovely. :-( You ring that rheumy nurse if you want to hun! How dare she tell you she's rushed off her feet. It's not your fault. Ask if they can possibly bring your consultant app forward. Sending cyber hugs. Jxxxx

  • Aw bless you. Thanks for this.xx

  • Did you cancel the rheumy consultation or did they? I suppose if you cancelled then its quite hard to be pushy as they are like hen's teeth in most places but I think you need to be pushy and over old your issue about the nurse - she has no right to make you feel bad. You have RA and she is there to help - end of! Hope you feel better soon. Tilda x

  • gosh .. ask for an urgent cancellation and book to see a v good optician.. they can do photo of back of eye ie retinas.. boots can do this as do some of the better chains such as kodak eye centres.. get it camera eye pic??? ho he he, do you do reiki your title suggests this I am consdiered studying an alternative thoery or two? and setting in business tops are aromatherapy, nutrition?, and indian face massage I will get recognised diploma and will look to set up a business using pharmacy and education skills/ knowledge x

  • Yes I went to Boots and he did photos of the backs of my eyes- this is how he found the rings around the eye.

    Yes I do Reiki- I am a Reikimaster. and I am a qualified Reflexologist too, but not anymore due the the pressure one needs to apply on the foot/hand.

  • I can study reiki as an other option but not sure what it is even !!! I would be under a reiki master !

  • I will message you to explain

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