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poor sleep causes health problems


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I knew this! But I didn't know I knew it till I started reading what scientists had to say on the internet. I don't remember studying the immune system a hundred years ago in 'O' Level Biology but why not? It has become a lot more relevant to me & many other people than amoeba ever could be! I think I'm now convinced that the immune system is much affected by the digestive system and, yes, by quantity & quality of sleep amongst other things. Our much vaunted '24/7' lifestyle has a lot to answer for so ...... sleep tight Sandra.

Luce x


we did things with maggots -yuck!

I also have fibromyalgia which means I don't sleep well at all.

I'm glad they've highlighted all this as being ill affects our sleep which affects our health - it's a viscious circle and it's often ignored by medicos and the benefit assessors.

sleep well, :)



Mm interesting. I did years of staying up all day, doing a night shift, going home and taking the kids to nursery then going back two hours later and then work again for three nights a week! Definitely not good for you, but we needed the cash! Xx


I also have Fibro as well as R.A.I used to work nights,5 nights a week,10pm until 6am before I got these illnesses.My sleep pattern now is appaling.Somtimes I sleep for 16 hours but most times just naps.


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