Problems with sleep?

So many of us are suffering with sleeping problems, not really knowing why or what to do about them. I found these recommendations and also the explanations why they are working, very useful. Hope you will too😊

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  • Some of this article is pretty whacky eg carbon dioxide therapies...tread carefully!

  • Nothing whaky about the usefulness of co2. All that Ray Peat recommends is science based, no anecdotal evidence.

  • Here something to learn about co2 in our physology.

  • It would be helpful if you could say which of the references you think are relevant to people with RA? At a quick glance a lot are in vitro or in animals.

  • All are relevant both in sickness and in health. It is not a question of treating illnesses or symptom depression but support for normal body chemistry and metabolism.

  • Unfortunately there is quite a skill required to determine the validity or otherwise of the evidence base for a particular intervention. Do have a look at the Cochrane Collaboration website for more information.

  • Then again you can always just add another pill to your arsenal of toxic meds....😉

  • I prefer to be more judicious in my choice of interventions!

    I use acupuncture, chiropractic, dietary modification, exercise, a healthy life style and, when absolutely necessary, toxic meds.

  • Well then shouldn't these sleep aids be welcome? They still have a lot of scientific understanding to back them. No harm in trying something new that might help and that is good for you.😊

  • Some things are very informative thank you but the idea of salty foods before bed would have me glugging a gallon during the night. 😆 I am parched enough overnight. I recently read that a teaspoon of honey before bed helps you sleep and and not wake up during the night with a blood sugar dip. Haven't tried it. I have noticed if I have a fistful of organic/natural unsalted nuts about an hour before bed I sleep better (almonds .. Tryptophan)

  • I have noticed that the very old trick of taking warm milk with honey just when going to bed really helps me to sleep better. I get extra protien and glucose to support liver glucose metabolism during the night. 😊

  • That's exactly what it is ! You don't wake up due to drop in blood sugar feeling hungry. 😀

  • I know I'm going to regret saying this but that comment about "toxic meds" is incredibly upsetting and offensive.

  • I think the lady meant 'toxic meds' as a feeling of chagrin. I didn't take it badly, on a bad day I look at all the tablets I take daily and feel the same way.

    That's not to say that you aren't allowed to have your feelings.

    We are all on different places on the path to acceptance.

  • I agree with you, Crashdoll. I found it incredibly patronising. I'm very glad of those 'Toxic meds' and doctors who prescribe them. I dread to think where I'd be without them.

  • In bed unable to move probably. 😢 xx

  • It is when people say this. We know very well what we are taking. 😕

  • Simba, thank you for all links and recommendations. It is a choice we all make when often we find natural rememedies have not done enough. Joint damage can come very very quickly as did in my case and needed halting there and then. I take a combo of the "toxic" and the natural. Without the toxic I would be bedbound and have been. We just have to accept others have different choices and reasons. Recommendations can be made but in the end the individual will make their choice. 😁

  • So it is. Some of us really do need the meds, I don't think I ever disputed this fact but I do think in the future the treatment of AI will include what new research have come up with concerning the central role of microbiome and other other alternative treatments. There is also quite a number of us where meds have not worked on this forum and where trying alternative treatments gives new hope, a plan B. My intension has never been to critisize the choices AI sufferers make. I am really in no position to do so, but to share information than I have come accross during my research and that I have thought would interest others as well.😊

  • Whatever works for us we tend to stick with and enthuse about don't we?! I took herbal tablets when I first was diagnosed with RA and they had amazing results but they were a very powerful and potent plant sterol so I had to make the choice between Sulpha and the herbal as they could not be taken together. I won't say what they were as I don't want people to try take them! It's important to tell your rheumy what you intend to take or in my case had been taking. I hadn't been on them too long so no harm done. On the road now so apologies of I don't reply. 😀

  • What I found interesting was the fact that you need a good body temperature in order to be able to sleep deeply, that sleeping is a strain on the body. My body temperature has always been low and I have had sleeping problems already before RA. As low thyroidfunction is the culprit often and this is seen so often in RA this may be a significant thing to reflect on. I have raised my body temp with diet and really do sleep better, feel more energetic too. I imagine this is logical if your metabolic rate is optimal then all your body functions work better😊

  • This blogger seems to be a favourite of yours at the moment, but do you ever cross check what you read before relaying it here? I find quite a lot of what you've sent links to quite odd & have myself cross checked & some of it flies in the face of what those with autoimmune diseases are recommended. What Ali has listed are particularly concerning, I agree, particularly the CO2 therapies, are you aware how quickly things can progress & go wrong using these, particularly if you don't know what you're doing? As the concentration of CO2 increases you start to experience carbon dioxide intoxication, which may progress to CO2 poisoning & sometimes death. It's possible to suffer asphyxiation from breathing CO2 because increased levels of carbon dioxide may be related to decreased concentration of oxygen, which you need in order to live. The best treatment is prevention & education so that conditions of high CO2 levels are avoided & so you know what to watch for if you suspect the levels may be too high. Nowhere does he advise caution, or indeed the result of too much CO2 in a confined space. Not everyone has a canary in their home!

  • My " blogger" is a well known scientist and expert in human physology and biochemistry. He is also very much aware of all serious reserch on his field and can explain and give understanding to what is happening in our bodies. I have found this very educational and helpful in understanding my own disease. Different research results very seldom help you to understand the whole picture and are only fragments in the complicated picture. This is why he is a " favorite " of mine. I welcome all knowledge that helps me understand not just give me results that very often are not dependable anyways. In the two years I have done my research I have only stumbled upon this scientist who really helps you understand and knows what he is talking about. Even though his recommendations may seem strange, some of them, they do in fact help and this is what counts in my view, and also the fact that he can explain why they work.

  • You say understanding, that's the key. If you only have a smattering of medical knowledge it may seem he talks the truth, let's say he baffles with science, but if you cross reference you'll find what he says is misrepresented. What alerted me to this was your questioning quite often of late if members have low thyroid function, almost as if anyone with RD must have thyroid problems. I've challenged this, I don't have thyroid problems yet do have RD. Whilst it's true once we have one autoimmune disease we're at greater risk than the general population to collect others but it's not a given we'll all have thyroid disfunction. I needed to understand what led you to think this. So I found his theory doesn't hold water, whilst thyroid problems it's thought could possibly be due to microchimerism that of course could also apply to Sjogrën's, systemic sclerosis, Raynaud's, vasculitis, Crohn's & others, this isn't an exhaustive list, they are all associated diseases that those of us with RD are at risk of being also diagnosed with. Maybe it would be more appropriate to concentrate on the reliable advice of scientists who specialise in autoimmune diseases.

  • Just because they are a scientist doesn't make them infallible or even that they have "good" information. Isn't this the same guy that argues against vegetables? Remember, not every scientist even agrees that smoking causes cancer but something like 95% do. Just because you find one of those 5% of scientists that says smoking doesn't cause cancer - does not make it true.

  • My body temp is normal but my actual neck and head could fry an egg overnight (meno). I have an Evian brumitiser and mini fan and a bottle of water at my side.

  • Talk salt at night when I am in a category of higher risk of heart disease? No thanks.

    Take sugar at night when I am at greater risk of developing diabetes? No thanks. Not to mention highering my risk of tooth decay & gum disease.

    First sign of CO2 poisoning? Drowsiness! Go figure it might help me sleep too right - might help me not wake up too!!

    I burn slightly hot and sleep best when I have a cool flannel on my forehead or over my eyes and keep my night bath the cooler side of hot. Others may think differently and want to give these things a try - good luck with that.

    All the best


  • I sleep with a fan on in the bedroom. Not pointing at me but keeping the air moving. In lots of ways I do sleep better in winter. It's not easy to sleep in over 40 Celsius

  • Salt thing sounds bonkers if I'm honest!

  • Many things do sound strange but these recommendations are based on human biochemistry and how it works, it's really a question of science that has also an explanation on a cellular level.😊You can always try it and see if it is bunkers. Fact is that it is not dangerous to try in any way and if it helps, isn't it so much better than taking a pill?

  • I just wouldn't eat anything salty as I feel foul and parched with salt, but those who don't have this sensitivity may find it works.

  • Here more to read about how salt affects us.

  • I put a Therapearls ice pack (gel beads .. They're not quite as fffffreezing as regular ice packs!) either at my side so it cools down the mattress and me .. or under the bottom pillow if it's very warm.

  • Amazing! Where does all that heat come from, I wonder?Wish I could have some of it:)

  • I just thought it was to be expected because of pain and can't get comfortable. My Dr has me on Endep 50 mg at night for the past ten years.

    Some nights I still can't sleep though. Very restless and can't get comfortable

  • Yeah there was a recommendation on line a few years back that brushing your teeth with salt would whiten them... apparently it did but some people lost their teeth through this "you can always try it and see if it's bonkers approach!"

    These might be of interest to people as we are posting anything we find on the net


  • Yes, of more interest.... both common sense, back to reality, thanks Ali.

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