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Hand wax baths from Argos - What are these?

I have really painful hands - especially both thumbs - at the moment and did a search on the site for advice.

Lots of people suggested a hand wax bath available from Argos but I think I must be looking for the wrong thing on their website!

I would welcome any advice or suggestions how to look after these poorly hands!

I am not on any medication - I have my second Rheumatologist meeting on the 19th December

Thanks guys


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Try this


Could it be what you are looking for?


Thank you Carole - I have found one on Amazon - ordered and paid for!

Looking forward to using it

Erika xxx


Great! Let us all know how you get on with it.

Carole x


Had my first session with the wax hand bath tonight - did one hand at a time - dipped in and out of the wax about 6 times to build up the amount on my hands - then wrapped in the plastic bag provided and wrapped in a tea-towel. Sat and watch TV for about 15 minutes then peeled off the wax back into the bath.

Hands are feeling relaxed and my skin is silky smooth!

Thoroughly recommend this treatment!!


do you have a link so that I can look at one please and how much does it cost.


£30.00 +£6.50 I looked it up on ebay lol , should have done that earlier hehehee

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I have one from argos think it was about £40 when I bought the price got lowered the week after it is v soothing..the wax gets hot so your hands dont stay in long.. then you get to peel the wax off your hands and put it back in the bath..


I have a Therabath that has paraffin wax. After my wrist surgeries, my OT used the paraffin bath & it feels so good. She had me dip my hands in about 6 times, then she wrapped my hands in plastic, then a towel around that & then I'd sit for about 20 minutes, & talk to her, since I couldn't use my hands. When it wasn't that warm anymore, she would take everything off. It helped me immensely & my fingers loosened up too.

The paraffin leaves your hands so warm & soft & they smelled good too. I should get mine out again as Winter is coming and my hands (whole body, actually) have been really stiff & swollen lately.

Be sure to to keep your hands in the middle of the tub and not on the bottom, as it gets Very hot. Have fun & enjoy it.


Thank you for that - I must admit I wasn't sure quite how to use it! It should be arriving today so I will get hubby to wrap them up as you describe. My hands are usually fine first thing in the morning but get worse during the day. My job as a PA involves a lot of typing and using a mouse which doesn't help very much.

Looking forward to my first session tonight!! x



I' ve just also ordered one from amazon plus spare wax. Hubby has gotten it for me as part of my chrimbo presents.

My work is suppose to be getting me voice activation software, plus a ball mouse, so that using the computer should be easier. Hence its work and I doubt if they have ordered it as yet, especially like I am still of sick at mo!!!

Sci xxx


Hi, I have one, its very soothing when hands are bad, only problem is it takes ages to melt and warm up, i reuse the wax as its only used for my hands. Have you got splints for your hands, i was referred to the hospital OT who was brill and sorted me some which were a god send when my hands were very bad, she also made me some night time splints. Have you got gel wrist pads for your mouse and keyboard, they are helpful too, take care, x


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