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MTX injections

Hi to all and I hope the promise of better weather helps. I've not been doing to bad recently the pain most of the time along with the stiffness has been bearable. Being back at work for me has helped but is adding to the bloody fatigue, my left hip suddenly goes on me more often then before. Any way to the point I'm being put onto subcutaneous mtx self administered 15ml per week from oral, carrying on with hydroxy, pain relief and folic. Any tips for me before I start and can anyone share there experience of this with good or bad.

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Its really good Safron. 15mg of injectable = 25mg oral the rheumy explained to me when I asked why things at last seem to be under control re my ESR and synptoms. It also is absorbed much quicker and less chances of GI problems. Its easy - just find the fattiest part of your belly and pinch it hard before putting the needle in and you shouldn't feel a thing. Far better and more effective in my book. X


Hi, I've found the injections a lot more tolerable than the tablets (am on 15mg at the moment) as I don't feel quite so nauseous anymore since I've ditched the tablets. What I usually do is to relax, try not to tense up, stab quickly and slowly inject the MTX. You can also inject them into your thighs, which is what I do as I find the idea of injecting into the stomach scary, even though my nurse said many people find it hurts less there. (I think it doesn't hurt at all if you relax and jab the needle in quickly - it just burns a bit afterwards).

What I do is I brew up a strong peppermint tea that I can sip on after the injection and eat a few dates (apparently they help fight nausea). I also tend to use lavender-scented products in the shower on MTX day as again it's supposed to help with nausea.

Good luck! Christine x


Which part of the thigh do you inject into Christine? I was never shown this. Got plenty of excess flesh in both but I imagine there being more muscle in thighs? Tilda x


I usually inject on the outer thigh quite far up as I have most flesh to pinch there. I think you can inject anywhere on the upper outer thigh!

I've wondered about the muscle thing: how do you know you've injected into a muscle? Whenever I've injected a bit father down the upper thigh, where I have pretty much only muscle and skin, I've found it hurts more :S I've asked my nurse and she said that as long as I can pinch something I'll be fine.

Argh, sometimes even talking about the stuff makes me feel sick! I've injected it Thursday and was completely useless yesterday (fatigue & nausea) but I'm delighted that so far tapering my steroids hasn't resulted in any joint pain so I guess the MTX is doing it's bit so I shouldn't complain!!

Also, what time of day do you inject? I'd been advised to inject in the evening to sleep through side effects but I'm feeling sicker than last week when I had it done at the hospital in the morning :S


Thank you I've been a little apprehensive but they feel I will get greater benefit from it, I do get some nausea now for couple of days some times and slight headaches but not all the time; may not be mtx. My potassium has been a little low so eating lots of bananas and green veg, oranges etc bloods next week so will see then.


Hi Saffron, I started on subQ Metoject four weeks ago. It really does get easier, the first time was strange and felt a little nervous however now I simply get on with it. I always use in the morning , following my shower, when I am relaxed and my skin is clean. I always lay the injection out in its box and as soon as I come into the bedroom, sit on the side of the bed and just do it. It has become routine now. I do it on my thigh, the outer aspect, pinching my fatty tissue together, quickly insert the needle, honestly it is so fine you hardly feel anything and then waste no time, release the tissue and inject. It is such a small amount that it is done before you know it, kinda like taking a sticky plaster off. Your rheumy nurse I would have thought should have shown you. I have never tried injecting my tummy, just easier to reach my thigh, always try and alternate left and right. It does sting a little afterwards but that usually disappears within 15 mins. I always rub over the site to help disperse the MTX. This morning I even managed to nick a tiny blood vessels, again a minute of pressure and that had stopped and is perfectly normal if it happens.

Prior to my starting Metoject I was so unwell with the tablets and was so close to giving up after only five doses, so was offered Metoject. I do so hope you manage and find it as effective as I did even although it took a week or so before I started feeling the benefits. X


Saffron, hello!

I have heard alot of good thing going the SubCut route with MTX... As already mentioned, you take less as its more direct.

So, I will be converting to SubCut soon due to possible interactions with MTX and my diabetis meds.

Asto injection sites, you should be offered a home visit with your first injection to show how and where to administer.

I'm also on Simponi, so will have to start on my thighs ( [Tilda] on the front above knees and below waist)... Else I'll start looking like a pin cushion.

All the best,



Ugh no I'm sticking to my belly - far more rolly poly there and its got to be easier although I can see where Farjer is coming from about pin cushions with all the other injectable meds. I do a lot of exercise and my tummy hasn't yet developed enough muscle versus fat to be an issue. No thigh for me thanks! I'm having a week off because of a cold and haven't noticed the difference re nausea, fatigue and yiuckiness or return of RA either. It works really well but you need to do it at a time when you're most relaxed and confident so it's evenings for me. The Metoject has so far taken my ESR down from mid 50s to 26 and I switched in September. I've just gone up to 17.5 and raised folic to 4 per week but I also take Hydroxy. Nausea helped by folic increase a lot. X


Again thank you all for sharing your experiences I'm due to meet with multi disciplined team next week so will be shown then how to, I hope to get greater benefit and will let all know how I get on


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